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### Recognized as one of the Top 50 Education Policy Scholars Nationwide: Patrick J. Wolf

Jan. 24, 2024

Philip Thomas from Novo Studio

Patrick J. Wolf, a Distinguished Professor and the Twenty-First Century Endowed Chair in School Choice, has consistently been recognized among the top 200 most influential education scholars since 2011. This year, he ascended nearly 30 positions to secure a spot in the top 50, also achieving the 8th rank among his peers in political science.

Expressing his gratitude, Professor Wolf acknowledged his mentor, Harvard’s Paul Peterson, who clinched the top position. Wolf, who serves as the interim department head of the College of Education and Health Professions, emphasized his training under Peterson as instrumental to his success.

The Rick Hess Straight Up Edu-Scholars Public Influence Ranking evaluates education policy professors based on the breadth and impact of their publications and policy contributions. Wolf highlighted the significance of these rankings in recognizing the multifaceted ways in which education scholars can shape policy and practice through their scholarly work, media presence, and congressional testimony.

Renowned for his expertise in the realm of school choice, Wolf’s insights have garnered attention both in Arkansas and nationwide. As the sole occupant of an endowed chair in school choice in the country, he has been a sought-after authority for media outlets and speaking engagements at prestigious institutions like Stanford University and University College London.

Wolf’s increased visibility in the media landscape in 2023 propelled him into the top 50 of the rankings. His interviews with prominent publications such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, alongside appearances on local KNWA-TV, underscore his influence and expertise in the field.

In addition to his individual accolades, Wolf commended his colleagues from the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas for also securing positions in the top 200 rankings. Robert Maranto, Josh McGee, and Gema Zamarro were among those recognized, reflecting the department’s collective impact on education policy nationally.

Wolf’s media engagements often delved into critical issues like funding disparities in public charter schools, a topic he specializes in. Collaborating with colleagues like Josh McGee and doctoral fellow Alison Heape Johnson, Wolf led impactful research projects that resonated within the education policy sphere.

For further details on the complete Edu-Scholar rankings, visit the provided link.

About the University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform: The University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform is dedicated to enhancing education and economic progress in Arkansas and beyond, with a focus on elevating K-12 school standards. Through rigorous research and dissemination of findings, the department aims to enlighten stakeholders including policymakers, educators, and the public on strategies to enhance school performance at local and national levels.