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**Parents Cautioned by Pastor Against Pressuring Children for Funds While Studying Overseas: “Tunauwa Watoto”**

  • A Kenyan pastor, Joel Gabriel, has strongly advised parents against requesting financial assistance from their children who are studying overseas.
  • He emphasized that these students do not have a steady income, and pressuring them for money only adds unnecessary stress to their lives.
  • Joel urged parents to allow their children to establish themselves before burdening them with financial responsibilities.

In a cautionary message, Pastor Joel Gabriel from Kenya has urged parents to refrain from seeking financial support from their children studying abroad.

Screengrabs of Pastor Joel Gabriel preachingPastor Joel Gabriel emphasizes the importance of allowing children to complete their studies before expecting financial contributions. Photo: @kenyagossipclub.

Source: UGC

Pastoral Advice on Financial Requests

In a widely circulated video posted by @kenyagossipclub, the pastor addressed parents, highlighting the detrimental impact of excessive demands on their children, suggesting that it could lead to dire consequences.

He pointed out that despite the sacrifices made to send their children overseas for education, parents often overlook the fact that these students are still in the learning phase and lack a stable income.

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“If you have a child in America, Australia, or any other country for studies, and you’ve fundraised and sent them abroad, please parents leave your children to complete their studies before bombarding them with needs…we are killing our children,…we are destroying them,” Joel emphasized.

Consequently, he advised parents to wait until their children are financially independent before seeking financial assistance from them. Moreover, he cautioned against making the children the sole providers for the entire household.

“Your child is studying abroad, not even a year into their degree, and you’ve contributed money, and you start asking them ‘what did you leave at home when you went abroad?’”

A father says, ‘Have you found a job, if you’ve found a small job, then contribute’…and when they send money for the first time, they become the sole provider for the household…Fathers, stop it…let the child finish their studies first…our children are suffering out there because of us,” he elaborated.

Furthermore, the preacher urged parents to refrain from pressuring their children, especially daughters, into hasty marriages with unsuitable partners.

Woman’s Critique on Parental Financial Demands

In a related narrative, a woman strongly criticized parents who demand financial support from their children residing overseas.

Damaris Obiero passionately conveyed her disapproval and disappointment towards parents who felt entitled to request money from their children.

She condemned such actions, highlighting the financial struggles faced by many of these children who are also not financially stable.

“Being abroad does not automatically equate to wealth or easy money. No, it’s challenging, and it’s unjust to pressure the kids. People are suffering because their parents burden them with financial requests, only to see that money go to waste,” she expressed.