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### Proposal for Online Classes by Parents at HCMC International School During Teacher Strike

On Thursday, the proposal was submitted by 115 parents to the school and the HCMC Department of Education and Training with the hope that enabling students to study online would facilitate the completion of the school year.

The school witnessed the departure of several teachers earlier this month. On March 18, due to unpaid salaries and insurance, most teachers were absent, leading students to stay home. By March 20, a total of 85 teachers had resigned, comprising 26 Vietnamese teachers and 129 foreign teachers.

Nguyen Thi Ut Em, the head of the school board, announced on March 21 that investment funds would be enlisted to reorganize the school.

Minh Anh, a parent representing the parents’ group and the parent of an 11th grader, mentioned that post the spring break scheduled from March 23-31, students were expected to resume classes. Nevertheless, AISVN has yet to present a viable plan to ensure its smooth operation.

With only a few months remaining until the conclusion of the second semester, transferring to a different school would pose challenges, particularly for seniors. Parents have reached a consensus to pay tuition fees to facilitate online teaching at the school. The specific amount of tuition to be paid will be finalized upon the approval of the proposal.

Bui Thong, a parent with two children enrolled at AISVN, stated, “The tuition fee range considered most suitable by parents is between VND10-15 million per month.”

Emphasizing the school’s prior experience with online classes during the pandemic and its existing infrastructure, parents are confident in the effectiveness of online classes. They pledge to collaborate with the school to support its operations, safeguarding the rights of both students and parents.

Furthermore, parents highlighted that the International Baccalaureate Organization, responsible for overseeing the curriculum, permits online teaching.

Established in 2006 in Nha Be District, AISVN provides the International Baccalaureate program. The annual tuition fees vary from VND280-350 million (US$11,300-14,100) for kindergarteners, VND450-500 million for primary school students, to VND600-725 million for middle and high school students.

Last October, a group of parents gathered to demand repayment of debts owed by the school. They alleged that the school had borrowed significant amounts in Vietnamese dong without interest to facilitate tuition-free education for children. Despite the children graduating, the debts remain unsettled.

HCMC is home to 35 schools with foreign investment, predominantly offering curricula from North America and the U.K., supplemented by Vietnamese subjects. The annual tuition fees at these institutions can soar up to VND1 billion.