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**Southeastern Students Awarded Gilman Scholarship for Overseas Studies**

Two students from Southeastern Oklahoma State University have been chosen as beneficiaries of the esteemed Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, funded by the U.S. Department of State, to engage in overseas studies or internships during the spring and summer of 2024.

Raylee McGlocklin and Arielle Turner have been named among around 1,200 American undergraduate students representing 354 colleges and universities nationwide who have been granted the Gilman International Scholarship in the most recent award cycle.

McGlocklin, a senior majoring in fisheries and wildlife science from Milburn, is set to embark on a study program in Belize and Guatemala in the upcoming spring semester.

Turner, a senior pursuing a degree in English education from Atoka, will be pursuing studies in England and Scotland during the summer term of 2024.

Dr. Kyle Lincoln, the interim director of study abroad and an assistant professor of history and interdisciplinary humanities at Southeastern, expressed pride in the university’s multiple scholarship recipients this cycle. He emphasized the significant advantages that studying abroad can offer students in their future academic and professional endeavors,” said sources.

Recipients of the Gilman Scholarship are granted up to $5,000 to offset the expenses of their international study or internship programs. This initiative provides financial aid to undergraduate students with limited economic resources, enabling them to pursue academic endeavors or internships abroad, thereby acquiring skills crucial to national security and economic competitiveness. Eligible applicants include students receiving a Federal Pell Grant from both two- and four-year institutions who are planning to study abroad or engage in an international internship for academic credit.

The late Congressman Gilman, who served in the House of Representatives for three decades and chaired the House Foreign Relations Committee, was honored with the Secretary of State’s Distinguished Service Medal in 2002. He highlighted the transformative nature of studying abroad, emphasizing its role in broadening students’ perspectives and enriching their social and cultural experiences. Such programs empower students to return home with a deeper global understanding, encouraging them to actively contribute to the international community.

Administered by the Institute of International Education, the Gilman Scholarship program aims to foster mutual understanding and forge connections between individuals from diverse nations. International education is recognized as a vital tool for enhancing American diplomacy and business, with lasting international relationships playing a crucial role in both times of conflict and peace.