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### Exploring Overseas Internships as a Study Abroad Option

The viewpoints expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the opinions of Her Campus.

This piece is authored by a student writer affiliated with the Her Campus chapter at Texas.

In Paris, the sky teetered on the edge of sunset, a seemingly perpetual phenomenon in the city. The sky always seemed to be reaching for that moment, and you found yourself reaching alongside it—only to witness the swift transition to darkness. The shift from golden blue to deep, rolling black happened abruptly, without the gradual descent of a typical sunset.

The abruptness of this transition puzzled me. Each missed sunset served as a stark reminder that I had ventured far from my usual reality for the summer, immersing myself in a new and unfamiliar environment. It was a wake-up call, urging me to seize the opportunities presented—to excel in my internship, explore Europe during my leisure time, and immerse myself in diverse cities and cultures.

Since childhood, studying abroad had held a special allure for me. I had envisioned myself wandering through Paris, indulging in flaky croissants, studying at the Sorbonne, and constantly moving from one place to another. However, contrary to my initial expectations, opting for an international internship proved to be a more enlightening choice. It taught me that true value lies not in the glamorous and idealized notions I had constructed in my mind, but in the simple, everyday moments.

While the French initially appeared to be perpetually in motion, speedily navigating the streets, I soon noticed their ability to embrace the present moment. Whether leisurely sipping coffee on café terraces, contemplating art in museums, or enjoying extended lunch breaks in the park, they understood the art of savoring each moment. Emulating their pace brought a sense of tranquility and fulfillment to my stay.

On a leisurely July day, as the sun lingered in its attempt to set, I found myself at the Tuileries Garden pond with a friend, attempting to read. The lingering daylight made concentration difficult, leading me to observe the water, reminiscent of Monet’s paintings, and marvel at its beauty.

Unable to resist the allure of writing, I opened a new journal and penned my thoughts. The distant Ferris wheel captured my attention, symbolizing permanence amidst the transient nature of art and the city itself. As the evening grew colder, we strolled through a nearby summer fair, admiring the illuminated booths filled with treats and toys. Somewhere between the green chairs by the pond and the bustling fair, night descended unnoticed. Despite reaching the fair’s end, we retraced our steps, engaging in conversations about literature, journalism, and historical events.

Reflecting on that day, I realized it was one of my most cherished moments in Paris, despite its lack of significant events. The day’s aimless meandering brought a sense of peace and contentment, contrasting the excitement of busy days filled with activities and travel. Embracing the simplicity of being present in the moment offered a different kind of fulfillment.