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### Oregon Law Maintains Top Position with #1 Legal Writing Program in 2024 US News Rankings

The latest national ranking of law schools has been unveiled, with the University of Oregon School of Law securing the 82nd spot among the Best Law Schools for the 2024-2025 academic year. Notably, Oregon Law stands out as the sole law school in the Pacific Northwest to showcase three top-tier specialty programs.

At the forefront of these rankings is Oregon Law’s acclaimed Legal Research and Writing Program (LRW), clinching the top position in the nation for the fourth consecutive year. This achievement marks the program’s second year at the helm independently and its impressive seventeenth year within the top ten nationally.

Suzanne Rowe, the James L. and Ilene R. Hershner Professor and director of Legal Research and Writing at Oregon Law, emphasized the exceptional caliber of the LRW faculty, renowned for their leadership and innovative contributions on a national scale. The program, established in 1978, prides itself on equipping students for the practical demands of legal practice through accolades in teaching, service, and scholarly publications.

Furthermore, Oregon Law’s Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center, renowned for its pioneering interdisciplinary research initiatives, secures the 7th rank nationwide, underscoring its enduring legacy of excellence in environmental law.

Mary Wood, the Philip H. Knight Professor of Law and faculty director for the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center, expressed the community’s enthusiasm for the recognition, highlighting their dedication to problem-solving and driving substantive change in legal and environmental realms.

For more than two decades, Oregon Law’s esteemed Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center has upheld its stellar reputation by offering students a superlative educational experience focused on adeptly managing disputes, negotiations, and decision-making processes.

Jennifer Reynolds, the Orlando John and Marian H. Hollis Professor of Law and faculty director for the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center, lauded the program’s consistent recognition as a premier Dispute Resolution entity, attributing this success to the faculty’s innovative teaching methods and commitment to fostering practical skills in navigating complex legal interactions.

Oregon Law, established in 1884 as Oregon’s sole public ABA-approved law school, has been instrumental in shaping accomplished legal and dispute resolution professionals. Apart from the Juris Doctor (JD) degree, the institution offers a spectrum of programs including the Master of Laws (LLM) degree, Conflict & Dispute Resolution Master’s degree, concurrent degrees in various disciplines, and an Undergraduate Legal Studies program. Noteworthy distinctions include the top-ranking programs in Legal Research and Writing (#1), Environmental Law (#7), and Dispute Resolution (#11)—the sole top-ranked program of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

The University of Oregon, a distinguished research university founded in 1876, prides itself on being one of the two institutions in the Pacific Northwest selected for membership in the esteemed Association of American Universities. With an enrollment of nearly 25,000 students from across the globe, offering a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the university remains committed to academic excellence and innovation.

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