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### The Ultimate Overseas Experience: Why Heidelberg Reigns Supreme

Art by Adri Sahakian

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Pepperdine is recognized as one of the top 12 study abroad programs nationwide. However, opinions on the best program may vary depending on the location where students choose to study.

One of Pepperdine’s six locations is situated in a quaint German town known as Heidelberg. Upon my arrival in Heidelberg, I immediately felt a sense of belonging.

I vividly recall arriving at Moore Haus, tossing my suitcase into the attic, and eagerly exploring the expansive house. Despite its size, the atmosphere within was always vibrant and lively.

Commencing the study abroad program in the spring, as opposed to the fall, presented its challenges, but the warm reception from the students in Heidelberg made the transition seamless. Fond memories were created through talent shows, communal cooking sessions in the cozy kitchen, and group language lessons on the way to class, learning words like “wolken,” which translates to clouds in English.

Unlike the setup in Heidelberg, where classes and accommodations are housed in the same building, Pepperdine’s main campus does not offer students the experience of navigating unfamiliar streets on their daily commute.

At Moore Haus, rooms are often bustling with students studying together or sharing stories of their weekend adventures. The breakfast room serves as a hub for social activities, from movie nights to engaging group events.

In contrast, students in Florence reside with host families rather than fellow peers, missing out on the communal living experience that Moore Haus offers.

Heidelberg holds the distinction of being Pepperdine’s oldest international program, and the city resonates with the laughter and memories of countless students. Students enjoy shared moments like early morning coffee runs, post-dinner gelato outings, and adventurous trips to catch midnight trains.

Traveling from Heidelberg’s train station provides easy access to explore Europe by rail, with Moore Haus conveniently located just ten minutes away. In comparison, the Florence program’s train station is farther from student residences.

Music plays a significant role in the Heidelberg experience, with melodies often filling the classrooms and halls of Moore Haus, contributing to the overall sense of tranquility.

Heidelberg’s serene environment, free from the hustle and bustle of tourist-heavy locations, offers students quiet study spots and a peaceful atmosphere conducive to academic pursuits.

Despite the initial apprehension of being in an unfamiliar place far from home, Heidelberg quickly becomes a comforting “Heidelhome.” The dedicated faculty and staff further enhance the unique charm of the Heidelberg program.

Studying abroad provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in a completely new environment, fostering personal growth and unforgettable experiences.

Memories of leisurely scooter rides around Moore Haus and along the narrow streets of Heidelberg will forever hold a special place in my heart, symbolizing the lasting friendships and cherished moments created during my time abroad.

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