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### Enhancing Digital Infrastructure Utilization in Andhra Pradesh Government Schools

School Education Principal Secretary Praveen Prakash, on March 28, instructed the District Education Officers to ensure that the digital infrastructure, including smart TVs, computers, Interactive Flat Panels, projectors, and other devices, is well-maintained in preparation for the upcoming TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) scheduled on April 10 and 12.

Mr. Praveen Prakash highlighted that S. Satish, the head of the Assessment Cell at the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Educational Research and Training (APSCERT), had shared a list of schools assigned to conduct the TOEFL with the respective DEOs. He emphasized that any necessary repairs to the equipment should be completed within the next 10 days using the School Maintenance Fund.

During his school visits, Mr. Praveen Prakash noted the underutilization of digital equipment, with excess television sets remaining idle. He recommended reallocating these surplus devices to schools in need.

The TOEFL exams are scheduled for April 10 for students in Foundation Plus Schools (Classes 3, 4, and 5) and on April 12 for students in Pre-High Schools and High Schools (Classes 6 to 10). Additionally, 52 teachers conducting TOEFL classes for students from top-performing schools will have the opportunity to participate in a week-long immersive training program at Princeton University, the headquarters of the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The Principal Secretary encouraged the trained teachers to make the most of this opportunity while emphasizing the importance of maintaining the exam’s integrity. He stressed the need for instilling values and honesty in students, mentioning that no external invigilators would be present during the examination.

Regarding the State project focused on utilizing digital technology for school education with the assistance of Future Skill experts, Mr. Praveen Prakash mentioned that it has progressed to the semi-final round of the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration. He announced that a team of Central experts would visit to evaluate the project’s impact.

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