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### Major Leadership Shake-Up as NYC Schools Chief David Banks Removes Top Deputy

New York City’s education landscape witnessed a significant shake-up as City schools chief David Banks removed Carolyne Quintana, the deputy chancellor for teaching and learning, from her position. This move comes shortly after Quintana raised concerns about gender pay disparities among top officials. Despite Banks’ claim that Quintana agreed to support the transition until the end of the school year, sources indicate that she was, in fact, ousted and cautioned against speaking out about the decision.

Quintana, who spearheaded Banks’ key reading improvement initiative, found herself earning less than her male counterparts, including Banks’ former deputy chancellor Desmond Blackburn. The disparity in pay led to Quintana’s vocal objections, resulting in her abrupt dismissal without the promised salary adjustment.

Following Quintana’s departure, the responsibilities of leading the reading initiative have been passed on to another individual, Danika Rux. Additionally, Miatheresa Pate will temporarily oversee the “Teaching and Learning” domain as an interim executive chief. Banks emphasized the integration of the Division of Teaching & Learning into the Division of School Leadership to enhance the NYC Reads program and elevate math education standards.

The NYC Reads program mandates schools to select from three approved curricula focused on enhancing reading skills for elementary students. Aligned with established research on the science of reading, these curricula aim to optimize literacy development. Furthermore, schools are required to incorporate an approved phonics program alongside the designated reading materials.

Despite the DOE’s reluctance to address Quintana’s forced exit directly, the abrupt change in leadership has reverberated throughout the education community. Quintana, in her statement released through the DOE, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to champion literacy initiatives and emphasized the long-lasting impact of her team’s work on future generations of students. Her departure marks a significant loss according to insiders, with concerns raised about the continuity and effectiveness of Banks’ reading program following this unexpected development.