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### Proposal for a Fresh School Rating System in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The methodology for evaluating school performance in North Carolina may undergo significant changes soon, according to state education officials. The proposed modifications aim to provide parents with a more comprehensive insight into their child’s educational experience.

Currently, the assessment of North Carolina schools primarily revolves around comparing test scores, neglecting crucial factors such as graduation rates, attendance records, and faculty information. State Education Superintendent Truitt is advocating for a shift in this approach. Instead of relying solely on test results, Truitt’s proposal suggests incorporating considerations like disciplinary measures and career readiness into the ranking criteria.

The ultimate objective is to better prepare students for their post-graduation endeavors, ensuring they are equipped for success beyond the classroom. While proponents of the existing system argue that it promotes targeted school enhancements, others believe that a revision could offer much-needed support to schools facing challenges in keeping pace with more privileged institutions statewide.

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