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### Dominating the Top Spot for Three Decades

Reshaping the Future of Education

The faculty at the College of Education play a crucial role in shaping the future generation of educators. These distinguished academics, with 31% having obtained a degree from the college, are actively engaged in teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. They are also involved in collaborative research endeavors with students and alumni.

Discover the significant impact Spartan educators are making in K-12 classrooms throughout Michigan through the ongoing campaign.

The innovative research conducted by these faculty members is revolutionizing the way educators perceive and deliver instruction. For instance, numerous projects led by the College of Education faculty are dedicated to enhancing learning environments for students specializing in science. One recent project focused on enhancing student engagement by training teachers nationwide on incorporating student motivation strategies into their lesson plans.

One initiative involves the development of free science literacy lessons for K-2 students to foster a love for science. Additionally, in 2023, MSU faculty initiated a project to transform chemistry and physics lessons for high school students in rural settings.

These instances represent just a glimpse of the profound impact MSU research is having on PK-12 schools across the country, spanning various disciplines such as mathematics, languages, and cultures.

“The College of Education equips you with the necessary confidence and tools to effectively guide students on their educational journey,” remarks Candice Jackson, the 2023 Michigan Teacher of the Year.

The College of Education faculty are esteemed leaders in the education sector. Between 2015 and 2020, scholars from the college served as editors for the widely acclaimed Journal of Teacher Education. In 2017, MSU introduced EPIC, securing over $20 million in funding since its inception. Furthermore, in 2020, MSU was designated as the institutional host for the University Council of Educational Administration, a national organization dedicated to enhancing educational leadership through research and training.

The contributions of MSU faculty are acknowledged by their peers as well. Currently, eight faculty members are Fellows of the American Educational Research Association, with three receiving this distinction in 2024. Additionally, twelve alumni have been recognized with this prestigious honor in the field of education. Apart from the extensive research conducted by the college, its offices and centers foster tailored collaborations, develop programs, and host workshops to expand knowledge in partnership with schools, community organizations, nonprofits, and more.

Central to all these endeavors is the college’s steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Since 2016, the college has been providing support to schools, colleges, and other organizations to promote more inclusive and equitable environments. This initiative has evolved under the leadership of Associate Dean [ppp1], who oversees various supportive programs and student group activities aimed at ensuring that all Spartans feel empowered and supported in their educational pursuits.

“The diversity programming at this college has been instrumental in providing me with the necessary support to embark on my college journey. I am confident that I will continue to receive the assistance needed to pursue my academic goals,” expresses Aja McAllum, a student in the Teacher Preparation Program. “From job opportunities and information on relevant programs and events to exposure to research opportunities and networking with influential individuals, the DICP office has been an invaluable resource.”