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### Approval of Nine New Modular Classrooms for RVS School District

Rocky View Schools (RVS) is currently engaged in a significant discussion regarding the placement of nine new modular classrooms within the division, as the schools are experiencing overcrowding.

The recent approval from Alberta Education for nine new modular units and a relocation represents a notable deviation from RVS’s initial proposal on Nov. 2. The original request comprised 22 new modular classrooms, 12 classroom relocations, and one washroom relocation, intended for distribution across 11 RVS schools, as opposed to just two.

Greg Luterbach, the Superintendent of RVS, emphasized that the placement of these modular classrooms is essential due to the urgent space requirements in schools operating at full capacity. He clarified that this request is not a mere wishlist but a crucial measure to address the immediate space constraints until new schools are constructed in the community.

According to RVS’s capital plan, there are currently over 400 modular classrooms in use, accommodating approximately one-third of the student population.

The approval from Alberta Education specified the allocation of six new modular classrooms to Northcott Prairie School in Airdrie and three to Fireside School in Cochrane. Additionally, a washroom unit from Herons School in Airdrie is set to be relocated to Northcott Prairie School.

Moving forward, RVS administration intends to reassess the approved placements and potentially propose adjustments based on factors such as accommodation pressures, enrollment projections, and the feedback received from the Balancing Airdrie Student Spaces consultation.

The trustees expressed concerns over the allocation decisions, particularly highlighting instances where previously needed modular classrooms in Langdon and Indus are now underutilized following the opening of Langdon’s Horseshoe Crossing High School. They questioned the rationale behind not relocating these units to schools facing acute space shortages.

Discussions also revolved around the cost disparity between acquiring a new modular unit versus relocating an existing one. While the estimated cost of a new unit is around \(450,000, relocating one is projected to cost approximately \)250,000. Despite the cost savings associated with relocation, it was noted that this approach would not directly increase student capacity within RVS.

The process of requesting changes to the approved allocations is expected to take some time, with the delivery and setup of units typically occurring well into the new school year. It was highlighted that while the province covers 100% of the reasonable delivery and setup costs for each classroom, any additional construction requirements would be the responsibility of the school division. RVS is also tasked with the maintenance and insurance of all modular units.

In addition to the approved allocations, the initial request encompassed various relocations and new units across several schools within the division, indicating the widespread need for additional space to accommodate the growing student population.