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### Celebrating 15 Years of Pioneering Educational Innovation at Nexus International School Malaysia

For the past 15 years, Nexus International School Malaysia has been pushing the boundaries of traditional education. Achieving the status of an Apple Distinguished School from 2022 to 2025, securing the top position among International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) schools in Malaysia, and garnering recognition as an award-winning boarding school, Nexus has established itself as a pioneer in the realm of international education. The school’s primary objective is to cultivate a globally-minded generation, a vision made attainable through the innovative initiatives undertaken at Nexus.

Nexus places a strong emphasis on fostering creativity and inquiry-based learning through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for students up to 11 years old. Transitioning into Secondary School, students engage with the CORE programme, honing their research skills in preparation for the IB Diploma Programme—a prestigious pre-university course acknowledged by prominent universities worldwide. Noteworthy is Nexus’s commitment to instilling values of global citizenship and community service across all levels, culminating in the IB Diploma Programme’s Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) component, empowering learners to effect meaningful change in their areas of interest.

When it comes to post-secondary qualifications, Nexus upholds a standard of excellence evident in its remarkable academic achievements. In 2021, the school garnered global acclaim in the IBDP examinations, ranking among the top 2% of IB schools globally. Consistently recognized as the premier IBDP School in Malaysia and featured among Asia’s top 50 institutions, Nexus continues to uphold its reputation for academic excellence. In 2022, its students received over 140 university offers totaling US$1 million in value.

A pivotal factor contributing to Nexus’s success is its commitment to innovative educational practices. The school continually reimagines the integration of technology to enrich the learning journey, going beyond mere utilization of iPads and Mac products. Nexus leverages technology-rich environments to stimulate student creativity, foster collaboration, and cultivate critical thinking skills.

At Nexus, educators leverage digital technology not merely as a tool but as a catalyst for enhanced engagement and improved learning outcomes. Through initiatives like Passion Projects in Primary School and Project Qualifications in Secondary School, students are equipped with essential skills to thrive in the digital age.

Principal David Griffiths highlights the collaborative nature of learning at Nexus, where students actively share insights and support one another in their educational pursuits. Griffiths emphasizes the importance of research, analysis, tool selection, and problem-solving in nurturing students who can effect positive change in society.

Nexus stands out as the inaugural international school in the Klang Valley to introduce a Forest School Programme, accredited by the UK’s Forest School Learning Initiative (FSLI). Nestled within The Nexus Rainforest on its campus, this program immerses students in a range of outdoor activities, fostering skills such as sensory exploration, plant identification, shelter construction, and wildlife encounters. The Forest School experience aligns with Nexus’s holistic approach to innovation, emphasizing qualities like adaptability, creativity, resilience, and independence.

Central to Nexus’s ethos is “the Nexus Way,” which advocates for embracing challenges, learning from mistakes, and self-improvement to cultivate future global leaders. This philosophy revolves around shaping each student into a “Nexus learner” who actively participates in the process of knowledge acquisition and creation. Grounded in the pillars of Innovation, Relationships, Inclusion, and Mindsets, “the Nexus Way” provides a roadmap for students’ personal and academic development.

To embark on a journey that commences amidst the rustling leaves of the Forest School and unfolds throughout a lifetime of learning and growth, visit Nexus International School Malaysia’s website.