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– Top Ranking: Texas Named Best State for Entrepreneurs

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Texas leads the rankings in Simplify LLC’s 2024 study on the Best States for Entrepreneurs. The analysis utilized data from the Census Bureau, BEA, and Federation of Tax Administrators spanning from 2021 to 2023.

Simplify examined six key factors across all states and D.C., including corporate tax rate, inflation, migration of educated workers, new business formations, job creation, and consumer spending.

Texas secured the top spot due to its absence of a corporate tax rate and the significant influx of educated workers, with a net increase of nearly 76,000 college-educated adults in 2022. Additionally, the state demonstrated robust new business growth of 23.7% in the year ending November 2023.

The top 10 states for entrepreneurs, in order from 1 to 10, are Texas, Florida, Wyoming, Missouri, Delaware, South Dakota, Kansas, Washington, Utah, and Indiana. Louisiana was identified as the lowest-ranking state in the study.

Surge in Entrepreneurship

In 2023, a record 5.5 million entrepreneurs launched new businesses nationwide, as reported by the SBA. This marked the third consecutive year of historically high numbers of Americans venturing into entrepreneurship.

The study highlights that the rise in entrepreneurship began during the global COVID-19 pandemic, driven by job losses, voluntary resignations, and the normalization of remote work. Technological advancements enabled individuals to maintain productivity while working from home, leading to a surge in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Simplify also predicts that the integration of artificial intelligence will help entrepreneurs reduce costs and streamline operations, potentially fostering the creation of more businesses in the future.

By analyzing recent federal data across six key metrics, Simplify identified the best and worst states for entrepreneurs in 2024, considering factors such as job creation, consumer spending, inflation, business growth, corporate taxes, and the attractiveness of a state to educated workers.

For the full study, click here.

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  • Tarleton State University has received approval for a new biotechnology institute as part of Texas A&M-Fort Worth’s expanding downtown research campus. Situated in one of the nation’s fastest-growing life sciences hubs, the biotech institute was greenlit in mid-August by the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents. The university notes that Texas is home to over 5,000 biotechnology manufacturing and research firms, including Novartis, Alcon, and AstraZeneca. DFW currently ranks seventh in the U.S. for life science and biotech jobs. The Tarleton State Biotechnology Institute will focus on advancements in bioinformatics and computational modeling.

  • Following the initial round of grant awards, the newly established Texas Capital Foundation is now accepting new submissions starting this November.

  • A new stop-motion animation aims to captivate audiences and generate excitement about experiencing The Midway starting September 29.

  • Texas has once again been named the Best State for Business by top CEOs in an annual survey conducted by Chief Executive Magazine, marking the 19th consecutive year of this recognition, as announced by Governor Greg Abbott.

  • Carta’s Q1 2023 report suggests that Texas’ recent growth could have a lasting impact on the venture capital ecosystem, with the state now ranking fourth nationwide in capital raised on its platform. This development indicates a shift towards Texas joining the traditional “Big Three” states of California, Massachusetts, and New York as a prominent hub for startup investors.