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### Top Schools and Districts Unveiled in Bellingham and Whatcom County

Daniel Schrager

February 16, 2024 at 8:00 AM

The latest ranking of the top schools in Bellingham and Whatcom County has been released.

Recently, a parent-student school guidance website unveiled its list of the finest schools and school districts nationwide. These rankings were meticulously crafted based on an in-depth analysis of Department of Education data, encompassing factors such as test scores, graduation rates, and the caliber of teaching. Let’s delve into the insights provided about the educational institutions in Whatcom County.

Premier Bellingham & Whatcom high schools

  • Securing an A grade, [ppp1] emerged as the top contender, claiming the 27th spot among public schools in Washington state. This institution excelled in academics, with an impressive 89% of students achieving proficiency in reading and 65% demonstrating proficiency in math.

  • Following closely behind, [ppp2] clinched the second position in the county and 41st in the state. Bellingham showcased remarkable academic performance, boasting an identical 89% proficiency rate in reading and a commendable 52% in math.

  • Another notable mention from Bellingham is [ppp3], ranking third in the county and 81st in Washington. This school, accommodating 1,267 students, garnered an A grade for its diverse environment, as reported by Niche.

  • In the rankings, [ppp4] secured the fourth spot in Whatcom County, closely trailed by [ppp5] in Everson, WA, at the fifth position. Both institutions attained a respectable overall grade of B+.

  • Among the private institutions in the county, [ppp6] and [ppp7] in Lynden, both attained a B+ grade.

Top-tier Bellingham & Whatcom elementary schools

  • Topping the charts for elementary schools in Whatcom County is [ppp8], boasting an A- overall rating. This school was lauded for the exceptional quality of its educators and achieved proficiency rates of 72% in reading and 67% in math.

  • Following closely, [ppp9] from Bellingham secured the second spot with a B+ overall grade and an A- in academics. With a student body of 275, this institution displayed proficiency rates of 77% in reading and 67% in math.

  • [ppp10] from Bellingham claimed the third position, matching the proficiency rates of its predecessor.

  • In Ferndale, WA, [ppp11] earned the fourth rank in the county, commended by Niche for its diversity and high proficiency rates in math and reading.

  • Rounding up the top five in the county is [ppp12], recognized for its diversity and the quality of teaching.

Leading Bellingham & Whatcom middle schools

A serene view of Whatcom Middle School in Bellingham, Washington, blanketed by snow on Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020, as captured by Warren Sterling from The Bellingham Herald.

Top Bellingham & Whatcom school districts

  • The largest school district in Whatcom County, [ppp13], clinched the top position, ranking 40th in the state with a B+ grade. Noteworthy is the fact that 63% of its 11,439 students demonstrated proficiency in reading, while 46% excelled in math. This district oversees four high schools – Bellingham, Options, Sehome, and Squalicum – along with four middle schools and 14 elementary schools.

  • Following closely with a B+ grade, [ppp14] in Everson, WA, secured the second position in Whatcom County and 51st in the state. It garnered acclaim for the exceptional quality of teaching, earning an A grade and standing out as the 25th best in the state in that category.

  • Making its mark as the third and final Whatcom County school district to breach the top 100 in Washington is [ppp15], positioned at 78th.

  • [ppp16] and [ppp17] followed suit, claiming the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

A captivating shot of Ferndale High School in Ferndale, Wash., captured on Thursday, May 5, 2016, as featured by The Bellingham Herald.

Top-ranking schools in Washington

Just beyond the borders of Whatcom County, the Anacortes School District in western Skagit County secured the 26th spot in the state with an A- grade. In Friday Harbor, WA, the San Juan Island School District ranked 35th in the state with a B+ grade.

Meanwhile, [ppp18], the Bellevue School District, soared to the top of Niche’s rankings with an A+ grade and ranked 173rd in the U.S. Following closely behind is Mercer Island’s school district at 185th, succeeded by Redmond, WA’s Lake Washington School District at 212th, both boasting an A+ grade.