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### New Mexico Highlands University Ranks in Top 100 Most Affordable Colleges Nationally

NMHU is the sole higher education institution in New Mexico to be listed in the Top 100 for both online and overall affordability by College Consensus.

Las Vegas, NM– College Consensus has recognized New Mexico Highlands University as the 28th most affordable online college out of the top 100 for 2024. NMHU stands out as the exclusive public college in New Mexico to achieve this ranking in Online Affordability.

Additionally, NMHU holds the 86th position in the list of the 100 Most Affordable Colleges and Universities nationwide, as per College Consensus. This distinction sets NMHU apart as the only educational institution in the state to be featured in both categories for 2024.

NMHU boasts a variety of esteemed academic programs, such as The Center for Excellence in Social Work, The Native American Social Work Studies Institute, The Institute for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Learning and Teaching, and the sole accredited Forestry program in New Mexico, playing a pivotal role in the state’s reforestation initiatives. Recently, two prominent scientists from NMHU garnered national media attention for their discovery of a new anaconda species.

President Sam Minner emphasized, “This ranking underscores the worth of a New Mexico Highlands University education.” He further highlighted NMHU’s exceptional academic programs, extensive student support services, dedicated faculty, and the university’s commitment to guiding students through their educational journey, culminating in a transformative experience for graduates and communities alike.

For inclusion in the College Consensus online ranking, colleges must hold accreditation, be recognized by the National Center for Education Statistics, and offer a minimum of three bachelor’s degree programs that are fully or predominantly available online.

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