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### Explore Overseas Studies with the Fresh Homeland Security Initiative at SDSU-IV

IMPERIAL COUNTY— San Diego State University- Imperial Valley’s Master of Science in Homeland Security (HSEC-IV) is currently open for applications for the fall of 2024.

Dr. Jeffery Osborne, the program advisor for HSEC-IV at SDSU-IV, along with Dr. Sambuddha Ghatak, an assistant professor of criminal justice at SDSU-IV, have provided insights into the program.

The HSEC-IV program operates on a cohort model, admitting students once every two years for their master’s degree. It covers a wide range of subjects including cybersecurity, emergency management, terrorism, science and technology, and law enforcement.

The program’s structure emphasizes practical experience through opportunities such as study abroad programs, internships, and independent studies.

Individuals interested in this program can explore various career paths in law enforcement, border security, risk management, and security.

Students can anticipate opportunities for research and leadership development within the program. Additionally, they have the chance to participate in a study abroad program to gain a global perspective on Homeland Security beyond the local border region.

Dr. Osborne highlighted the importance of providing students with an international outlook on Homeland Security, especially for those who have limited exposure to life beyond the Valley.

Both professors have leveraged their diverse educational backgrounds to design a curriculum that benefits the students.

Dr. Sambuddha emphasized the advantage of a small cohort size, enabling personalized attention to each student’s academic journey.

The close-knit cohorts foster strong connections among students and faculty, facilitating mentorship and support throughout the learning process.

Dr. Osborne expressed his commitment to assisting students in their career pursuits by providing references and recommendations for job applications, guiding them towards their professional goals.

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply for the fall 2024 cohort of HSEC-IV to develop into effective leaders in Homeland Security at various levels—local, regional, national, and international.