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### Updated Regulations for Hry Preschools in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: In alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) – 2020, the Haryana government has announced a revision in the school admission age criteria. Effective from April 1, children must be six years old to enroll in Class I.

For students aged five, enrollment will be in Bal Vatika – III (playschools) operated by the school education department within all schools.

Children below the age of five will be accommodated in the playschools (Bal Vatika I and II) managed by the women and child development department (WCD).

The adjustment to match the NEP guidelines for admission is being implemented gradually in government schools. Previously, the enrollment age for the current academic year was set at five and a half years, as stated by an official.

Children aged 3-4 will be placed in Bal Vatika – I, while those in the 4-5 age group will be allocated to Bal Vatika – II.

Challenges related to cost and infrastructure accessibility between the government schools and WCD Bal Vatikas (I and II) have emerged over time.

To address these issues, the Haryana government has decided to facilitate necessary arrangements in playschools situated within government schools. Essential facilities such as electricity, drinking water, toilets, and playgrounds available in these schools will be shared with the WCD playschools. Guidelines outlining these arrangements will be disseminated to all relevant stakeholders.

To enhance educational support for children attending WCD playschools, the state government mandates that school heads offer assistance to playschool operators. Additionally, education department schools are expected to provide guidance and technical expertise to WCD playschool officials as needed.

Regarding educational resources, the state government has directed that if there is a sufficient quantity of curriculum, syllabi, textbooks, study materials, and supporting resources available, they should be shared with the WCD playschools.

Furthermore, WCD is tasked with aligning the playschool curriculum for 3 and 4-year-old children with the National Curriculum Framework Foundation Stage (NCFFS), according to the official.

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