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### Revitalizing the Office of Study Abroad with a Fresh Coordinator

In March, a new coordinator, PJ Hunt, joined the Office of Study Abroad and Nationally Competitive Scholarships at West Texas A&M University. Hunt, a United States Army veteran born and raised in Colombia, has traveled extensively to countries such as Peru, Panama, and South Korea before settling in Amarillo. With a background in teaching art in Pampa and serving as a substitute teacher for Canyon ISD, she brings a unique perspective to her role.

Expressing her passion for providing study abroad opportunities, Hunt emphasized the importance of exposing students to diverse cultures and experiences. She aims to broaden students’ horizons and empower them to make a global impact through international exposure. Jonathan Cordova, the Director of the Office, praised Hunt for her fresh ideas, organizational skills, and ability to engage with students effectively, enhancing the reach of study abroad programs.

Collaborating with Cordova, Hunt is actively organizing study abroad ventures in Spain, Wales, England, Kenya, and Costa Rica for the upcoming summer session. These opportunities are not limited to domestic students but are also extended to international students, with the office offering assistance with the requisite documentation.

Hunt encourages students not to be deterred by financial concerns, emphasizing the office’s commitment to facilitating access to study abroad experiences through various support mechanisms. Additionally, the office collaborates with Veteran Services to assist veterans and active-duty soldiers in utilizing their GI Bill benefits for overseas studies.

Studying abroad presents students with the chance to earn academic credits in a different setting, fostering personal growth and expanding their educational perspectives. Cordova highlighted the value of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to embrace new challenges and teaching styles, emphasizing the academic benefits of international exposure.

Looking ahead, Hunt envisions bringing students to South Korea, a place close to her heart due to personal memories and experiences. The Office of Study Abroad actively engages students through informative events and pop-in sessions, offering insights into opportunities like the Fulbright scholarship and program-specific study abroad options.

For those interested in exploring study abroad possibilities, Hunt and Cordova can be reached at the Classroom Center, rooms 115A and 115B, or through their contact information provided on the office’s communication channels. Their welcoming and approachable demeanor encourages students to seek guidance and learn more about the enriching experiences awaiting them.