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**Discovering Pregnancy Post-NYSC: Dad’s Desire for Overseas Education**

  • A former participant of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) who recently completed the program is facing a dilemma upon discovering her pregnancy
  • The expectant woman admitted to being in a relationship during her NYSC tenure and seeks guidance as her father encourages her to pursue education overseas
  • Her situation sparked varied responses on social media, with numerous individuals sharing their perspectives on her predicament

Following her completion of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, a Nigerian woman realized she was pregnant.

Taking to social media for advice on her next steps, the ex-corps member disclosed her father’s desire for her to continue her education abroad.

Nigerian lady seeks help after finding out she’s pregnant weeks after NYSC POPThe image shown here is for illustrative purposes only and does not directly relate to the story.
Photo Credit: Kola Sulaimon

Source: Getty Images

Techie relayed the lady’s message from her DM without revealing her identity.

As per the unnamed lady, she became pregnant by a man she was involved with during her national service.

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Ekwutosinam’s message read:

“Good evening ma, please keep my identity anonymous… I was in a relationship during my NYSC. I completed the program last month. I recently discovered I am pregnant and my father wishes for me to pursue further studies abroad. I am uncertain about what to do. This opportunity is crucial to me, so I seek advice from your followers.”

Various individuals provided counsel to the former corps member

Nneoma Joy Page commented:

“Someone who has completed NYSC still asking such a question, what exactly are you expecting to hear from us? Do what you have in mind.”

Ogechi Owoh remarked:

“You already know what to do, dear. You won’t find the answer from us.”

Somfechukwu Valentine Okany suggested:

“Travel while pregnant.

“Enable the child to obtain citizenship.

“If you have relatives abroad who can accommodate you, it would be preferable.

“Following childbirth, you can proceed with your studies.”

Zeetah Nzeogu advised:

“Please travel while pregnant or wait until after delivery to commence your journey.”

Blessing Akuakanwa emphasized:

“Do not bring a child into this world if you are not prepared to care for them.

“Raising children is extremely demanding, and it is advisable to have your life in order before welcoming them to reduce the challenges.”

Chibuike Raphael Udoji expressed:

“This individual is seeking a partner for the intended action in her mind… Please, assist her in giving birth.”

Three corps members proudly display their newborns

In another development, previously shared the news of three corps members who successfully delivered their babies.

In a brief video, the unidentified women showcased their baby bumps while dressed in their uniforms, albeit not in full attire.

Their ‘baby bump walk’ was captured alongside a slow-motion scene of the new mothers with their infants.

Each one exuded joy as they approached the camera, breaking into a dance to the tune of a popular song, On Colos.