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– University of Mississippi Recognized as Top 10 Military-Friendly School in the Nation

Ole Miss Achieves Its Highest Military Friendly Ranking Yet

The University of Mississippi has reached a significant milestone by securing a position in the top 10 schools nationwide for military readiness, as designated by the Military Friendly Advisory Council. This recognition marks a historic achievement for the flagship university of Mississippi.

The Military Friendly assessment evaluates how well educational institutions support veterans and active military personnel. Over the past four years, Ole Miss has demonstrated a remarkable ascent in its Military Friendly ranking, progressing from being unranked in 2019-20 to attaining bronze and silver status in 2020-21 and 2021-22, and ultimately clinching the gold designation in 2022-23 and 2023-24.

The latest ranking unveiled on March 27, 2024, showcases Ole Miss’s debut in the top 10 list, securing the No. 2 spot in the SEC. Additionally, the university has been recognized as one of the top 5 military-friendly institutions in the country and holds the No. 1 position within the SEC for the current year.

Chancellor Glenn Boyce expressed pride in this latest accolade from the Military Friendly Advisory Council, emphasizing the university’s unwavering dedication to veterans, active military members, and the broader Ole Miss community. He highlighted the institution’s values of leadership, respect, and commitment to the common good.

The remarkable rise of Ole Miss in the Military Friendly rankings can be attributed to its enhanced focus on supporting veterans and military-affiliated students on campus, according to Andrew Newby, the head of veteran and military services. In recent years, the university has implemented various initiatives, including the establishment of the George Street House, a facility that provides a conducive environment for student veterans to access healthcare services conveniently.

The George Street House serves as a hub for student veterans and military-connected individuals to study, unwind, and seek assistance. Newby outlined the university’s objective of setting a benchmark for other institutions to follow in supporting student veterans and military-affiliated students effectively.

Looking ahead, the university aims to continually improve its support services for student veterans, striving to become the premier choice for individuals with military backgrounds. Newby emphasized the importance of ongoing enhancements and the relentless pursuit of excellence in aiding student veterans through their academic journey at Ole Miss.

In line with this commitment, staff members underwent Mental Health First Aid training to enhance their ability to identify and assist students experiencing mental health challenges. Master Sgt. Anthony Douglas, the operations coordinator for veteran and military services, highlighted the significance of recognizing early signs of mental distress among veterans to provide timely support and guidance.

The George Street House, run by veterans and current military personnel, offers a unique space on campus where individuals with military backgrounds can connect, study, and foster a sense of community. Taylor Bridges, the president of the Student Veteran Association, underscored the importance of this supportive environment in creating a sense of camaraderie and understanding among veterans and military-affiliated students.

In conclusion, the elevation of Ole Miss to the pinnacle of military-friendly institutions reflects its ongoing commitment to prioritizing the well-being and success of student veterans and active military members within its community.

By Clara Turnage

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