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### Scholarship Program for Chinese Students Launched by Middlebury Monterey

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) has initiated a collaboration with the China Scholarship Council to commence in the fall of 2024. The program aims to accommodate 20 Chinese students at MIIS through a comprehensive scholarship covering tuition, travel expenses, and a stipend for each participant.

Enrolled Chinese graduate students under this program will have the opportunity to pursue studies in four key fields: international policy and development, international trade, environmental policy and management, as well as non-proliferation and terrorism studies.

According to a senior director of institutional partnerships at MIIS, the primary objective of this scholarship initiative is to enhance Chinese representation across various degree programs, particularly focusing on diplomacy-oriented programs.

The strategic partnership between MIIS and the China Scholarship Council is intended to enhance diversity within the student body at Monterey and broaden the accessibility of graduate studies to a more extensive student population.

MIIS currently boasts an international student population of 40%, with 90% of these students benefiting from some form of scholarship support. The introduction of the Chinese Scholarship Council program is envisioned as a significant opportunity for Chinese students to engage in American higher education, fostering academic rigor, exposure to American faculty and teaching methods, and the invaluable experience of learning within a diverse academic community.

The collaboration with the Chinese Scholarship Council aligns with MIIS’s ongoing efforts to alleviate financial barriers to enrollment, especially considering the institution’s recent financial forecast indicating a deficit attributed in part to lower graduate enrollments.

In comparison to national averages, MIIS historically charged higher tuition fees, with the cost of a full academic year surpassing $42,634 in 2021. To address these financial challenges, MIIS actively seeks partnerships with governmental and non-profit entities to support students financially.

Beyond the China Scholarship Council program, MIIS has established enduring partnerships with various organizations, including the Peace Corps, the Organization of American States, and the Inter-University Center For Japanese Language, spanning over three decades.

Moreover, MIIS collaborates with the Peace Corps, the Organization of American States, and other governments to facilitate international student exchanges. Past collaborations have involved governments such as France, Germany, and Kazakhstan, further underscoring MIIS’s commitment to fostering global academic partnerships.

The funding received by MIIS from China’s Ministry of Education underscores the institution’s global reach and commitment to international educational initiatives. The Chinese Scholarship Council, established in 2016, plays a pivotal role in promoting study abroad programs and international internships for Chinese students, with a broader objective of enhancing Chinese representation in global organizations such as the United Nations.

Following their studies at MIIS, Chinese students are expected to complete a six-month internship at an international NGO before returning to China, as stipulated by the Chinese Scholarship Council guidelines.

Through the diverse array of degree pathways offered, Chinese students can delve into specialized courses encompassing intelligence analysis, chemical and biological weapons control, terrorism in Southeast Asia, and related fields. These programs also provide opportunities to explore topics such as the economics of international trade and environmental resource management.

Apart from MIIS, the China Scholarship Council extends its programs to other institutions worldwide, including centers in Madrid focusing on global governance and sustainable development, as well as collaborations with the United Nations University of Maastricht Institute of Economics and Social Innovation Technology in China.

Anticipating the positive impact of the program, stakeholders at MIIS express enthusiasm for the enhanced accessibility and enriched diversity that the collaboration with the China Scholarship Council will bring. Emphasizing the value of international students within the academic community, MIIS looks forward to the mutual enrichment and educational growth that a more diverse student body will foster.