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### Restructuring Medical Education: Workshop Emphasizing Transformation at GMC Jammu

Workshop on Medical Education Reform at GMC Jammu

A two-day workshop focusing on enhancing scientific paper writing for medical journals kicked off at Government Medical College (GMC) in Jammu with the aim of reshaping medical education. Dr. Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, the Administrative Secretary of the Health and Medical Education Department of Jammu and Kashmir, inaugurated the event, emphasizing the importance of skill development and a transition away from excessive reliance on technology and artificial intelligence.

Transformation of Medical Education

During the workshop, Dr. Shah underscored the significance of harnessing the intellectual capabilities within the medical community and advocated for a shift towards prioritizing skill acquisition over dependence on gadgets and AI. This call for reform resonated throughout the workshop discussions, which saw active participation from faculty members, physicians, residents, students, and administrative personnel.

Fostering Collaborative Excellence in Medicine

Dr. Shakti Kumar Gupta, the Executive Director and CEO of AIIMS Jammu, stressed the need for collaborative efforts among medical institutions to elevate healthcare standards in the region. He also endorsed the organization of similar scientific gatherings to foster continuous professional development among faculty members, highlighting the role of such workshops in enhancing the competencies and expertise of healthcare professionals.

GMC Jammu’s Progressive Endeavors

Dr. Ashutosh Gupta, the Principal and Dean of GMC Jammu, shed light on the various initiatives spearheaded by the institution to advance healthcare services. These initiatives encompass the establishment of a State Cancer Institute and Bone & Joint Hospital, introduction of evening rounds led by senior physicians, mortality review meetings, creation of green corridors, provision of PET Scans, and acquisition of a new MRI machine. These endeavors are aimed at elevating patient care standards and augmenting the proficiency of the medical community.