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### 2024 MBA Ranking: Profiles of Business Schools

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Leading institution: University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

For the 11th time since the inaugural ranking in 1999, the University stands out as the top performer. Its achievements are bolstered by an average weighted alumni salary of $245,772, ranking third overall. Additionally, the institution secures the top spot in the research category, which takes into account the volume of research papers produced by faculty in reputable journals. A former student also emphasized the significance of Wharton’s alumni network in facilitating the launch of a business venture. TM

Global MBA Ranking 2024

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Highest remuneration: Stanford


Stanford University alumni command the highest average weighted salary of $250,650. Stanford ranks 23rd overall and excels in alumni network effectiveness and goal attainment, as reported by surveyed graduates. The institution receives the highest satisfaction ratings for its courses, although this factor is not formally considered in the ranking methodology. Among all schools, only one other institution’s alumni exhibit superior career progression, as evidenced by advancements in seniority post-MBA and the caliber of employers they are associated with. SS

Leader in carbon footprint reduction: SDA Bocconi

SDA Bocconi© Riccardo Sala/Alamy

Italy’s SDA Bocconi School of Management demonstrates notable performance across various metrics and climbs three places to secure a joint third position in the MBA rankings. The institution’s dedication to lowering emissions propels it to the forefront of the carbon footprint ranking, advancing from the second position in the previous year. This category now acknowledges institutions that provide a comprehensive carbon emissions audit report encompassing Scope 3 emissions, including student and faculty travel. SS

Premier institution in the Asia-Pacific region: Ceibs

Ceibs© Brookgardener/Shutterstock

Maintaining its standing in joint 21st place, Ceibs based in Shanghai retains its position as the highest-ranking MBA school in the Asia-Pacific region for the eighth consecutive year. It stands as one of only two institutions from the region within the top 25 of the rankings. Alumni from Ceibs reported an average weighted salary of $189,348, showing an increase from the previous year’s figures. Particularly noteworthy is the remarkable 163% surge in alumni wages from pre-MBA to present, positioning Ceibs in the top decile. SS

Top debutant: University of Sydney Business School

University of Sydney Business School© Jean Mauduit/Alamy

Making a noteworthy entry at joint 63rd place, the University of Sydney Business School emerges as the top debutant in the rankings. The institution’s success can be attributed in part to its strong performance in alumni career progression metrics, coupled with a high percentage of recent graduates securing employment within three months of program completion and a diverse cohort of international students. SS

Most improved institutions: Fudan; Terry; Trinity

Fudan© EQRoy/Shutterstock

Three institutions share the accolade of most improved, each ascending by 21 places: Fudan University from China, Terry College of Business in the US, and Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. Fudan leads this cohort by clinching a joint 27th position overall. The institution saw enhancements in various areas including value for money and student body diversity. Moreover, there was a notable increase in the average alumni salary, with graduates earning $169,057 on average. BK

Excellence in student sector diversity: ESCP

Securing the 25th spot overall, France’s ESCP Business School leads in student sector diversity, reflecting the broad spectrum of industries in which current students were engaged before pursuing their MBA. These sectors encompass consulting, finance, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social enterprises, and technology. ESCP also ranks second for value for money and third for international course exposure, which considers alumni participation in overseas exchanges or internships lasting a minimum of one month. WKC

Pinnacle in career services: Georgia: Scheller

Georgia Institute of Technology: Scheller© Steve Allen/Alamy

Attaining a joint 49th position, Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business garners top marks from alumni for its career services. This category evaluates the efficacy of the career counseling services in assisting with internships and job placements, as perceived by alumni. The institution boasts one of the highest employment rates, with 96% of the recent graduating class securing job offers. Scheller also marks a significant advancement by climbing 15 places in the rankings. WKC

Key Highlights of the Top 25

by Blanka Kovacs

Rank 1: Unmatched Excellence Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania continues its dominance by securing the top position for the 11th time, with the third-highest average alumni salary of $245,772.

Rank 5: Commitment to Sustainability Ranks second in the ESG and net zero teaching category due to its emphasis on environmental, social, and governance issues in core course content.

Rank 8: Embracing Global Perspectives Secures the fifth spot for international course exposure based on the number of alumni engaged in foreign exchanges and internships lasting over a month.

Rank 12= Upward Trajectory This marks the institution’s best performance since 2022, claiming the second spot for alumni networking after Stanford.

Rank 12= Global Citizens Leads among the top 25 schools for international mobility, reflecting alumni diversity in terms of citizenship and pre-MBA locations.

Rank 17: Resurgence Barcelona’s has made a comeback to the top 25, ascending 13 places from its 2023 position.

Rank 18: Career Advancement Boasts the top-rated career services office among the top 25, offering support in securing internships and job placements.

Rank 20: Gender Equality Spain’s Business School demonstrates the highest proportion of female faculty among the top 25, with a representation of 50%.

Rank 23: Strong Networking Stanford’s alumni network receives top accolades from graduates for its role in fostering career opportunities and innovation.

Rank 24: Remarkable Salary Growth Records the highest increase in alumni salaries within the top 25, with a notable surge of 190%.

Rank 25: Value Proposition

ESCP from France leads in providing value for money among the top 25 institutions, considering study expenses and post-MBA earnings.