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### Top 20 Global MBA Programs Fostering Diversity

MBA Diversity Ranking: Top 20

20. Eada Business School

  • Located in Barcelona, Spain, Eada Business School offers an MBA program with a personalized approach to learning, featuring small classes and individual coaching sessions.
  • The curriculum focuses on developing a real-world understanding of business through an executive leadership development program and outdoor training sessions.
  • Students have the opportunity to tailor the program to their specific interests, such as Sustainability and Business Impact or Structured Finance and Private Equity.

=18. University of St Gallen

  • The University of St Gallen, based in Switzerland, emphasizes a localized approach to education, preparing students for successful careers in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).
  • The MBA program at St Gallen boasts a diverse cohort with 23 nationalities represented in the class of 2024.
  • Popular industries for graduates include healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services.

=18. IE Business School

  • IE Business School, located in Madrid, Spain, offers a personalized academic journey for students, focusing on individual skills and career goals.
  • The International MBA program at IE allows students to choose from different course lengths and learn from faculty with diverse industry backgrounds.
  • The school ranks as the seventh best in Europe according to the Financial Times MBA ranking.

17. IMD—International Institute for Management Development

  • IMD, situated in Lausanne, Switzerland, provides an MBA program that emphasizes responsible leadership skills in a global business environment.
  • Over 40% of learning at IMD occurs outside the classroom, preparing students for the dynamic nature of the business world.
  • The program continually evolves to equip students with modern skills and adapt to the changing business landscape.

16. HEC Paris

  • HEC Paris, one of Europe’s top business schools located in France, offers an MBA curriculum that combines academic theory with practical experiences.
  • The MBA program at HEC ranks 12th in the FT’s 2024 ranking, providing students with opportunities to collaborate with successful entrepreneurs and engage in international exchanges.
  • Students can apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios and gain valuable experience through various initiatives.

15. Rotterdam School of Management

  • The Netherlands-based Rotterdam School of Management offers an international MBA program designed to cultivate critical-thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
  • With a diverse student body, the school provides a global learning environment to prepare students for diverse management roles worldwide.
  • The MBA program boasts a strong alumni network and high job placement rates within three months of graduation.

14. University of Cambridge Judge Business School

  • The University of Cambridge Judge Business School, located in the UK, focuses on transforming MBA students’ career trajectories.
  • The Cambridge MBA equips students with essential skills, networks, and confidence to pursue leadership opportunities or entrepreneurial ventures.
  • The program offers a rigorous curriculum tailored to students’ interests, providing practical experience through client projects.

13. Esade Business School

  • Esade Business School in Spain, ranked 17th in the Financial Times full-time MBA ranking, encourages students to embrace innovative leadership and new technologies.
  • The diverse student body at Esade reflects a mindset of change and adaptability, with a high percentage of graduates transitioning to new functions, sectors, or locations post-graduation.
  • The school emphasizes creating a positive impact on both society and the planet through forward-thinking strategies.

=11. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

  • CBS, based in Denmark, offers a full-time MBA program focused on sustainability and innovation.
  • The curriculum equips students with the skills to lead responsibly and adapt to diverse business environments through experiential learning opportunities.
  • The program combines Scandinavian business practices with global perspectives to foster a comprehensive understanding of different industries and markets.

=11. Hult International Business School

  • Hult International Business School prepares students with modern skills to excel in the corporate world and contribute positively to society.
  • The MBA program emphasizes experiential learning, professional coaching, and simulations to enhance workplace readiness.
  • With a high employment rate and successful industry transitions, Hult’s graduates demonstrate adaptability and versatility in their careers.

10. Alliance Manchester Business School

  • Alliance Business School, located in Manchester, UK, offers a practical MBA program focusing on group work and hands-on learning.
  • Students engage in consultancy projects with real-world clients, developing structured decision-making and leadership skills.
  • The program encourages critical thinking, effective collaboration, and data-informed problem-solving approaches.

9. University of Edinburgh Business School

  • The University of Edinburgh Business School, based in Scotland, offers a diverse full-time MBA program centered on strategic leadership and professional development.
  • Students benefit from a personalized approach that enhances their career prospects and leadership capabilities.
  • The program includes international opportunities at partner universities worldwide, fostering a global perspective on business and management.

8. Cranfield School of Management

  • Cranfield School of Management, located in the UK, provides a transformative MBA experience focusing on networking, knowledge acquisition, and career advancement.
  • The one-year immersive MBA program offers real-world client projects, international internships, and networking events to enrich students’ learning.
  • With a gender-diverse cohort and a multicultural environment, Cranfield prepares students for international business leadership roles.

7. TIAS Business School

  • TIAS Business School, situated in the Netherlands, offers an internationally oriented MBA program with a diverse student body.
  • The Full-time MBA program at TIAS immerses students in a multicultural environment, enhancing their global perspectives and networking opportunities.
  • Graduates of TIAS experience high employment rates and international career mobility, reflecting the program’s success in preparing students for global careers.

6. EDHEC Business School

  • EDHEC Business School, located in Nice, France, offers a Global MBA program focusing on sustainability and personalized learning.
  • The program includes sustainability initiatives and diverse leadership experiences to broaden students’ understanding of global business practices.
  • Networking opportunities, cultural awareness, and exposure to diverse industries enhance students’ leadership skills and prepare them for international business environments.

MBA Diversity Ranking: Top 5

5. Grenoble Ecole de Management

  • Grenoble Ecole de Management, based in Grenoble, France, offers a full-time MBA program with a global perspective and hands-on learning experiences.
  • The program connects students with a diverse network of professionals and alumni, fostering a collaborative and innovative learning environment.
  • With a focus on technology and innovation, Grenoble’s MBA program prepares students for dynamic and evolving business landscapes.

4. University of Oxford: Saïd

  • The University of Oxford Saïd Business School, located in the UK, features a full-time MBA program known for its traditional yet comprehensive approach to business education.
  • Saïd Business School emphasizes core business principles while nurturing a broadened mindset and understanding of business’s societal impact.
  • The diverse cohort at Saïd represents various industries and expertise, enriching the learning experience and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

3. ESSEC Business School

  • ESSEC Business School, a French Grande Ecole, offers a full-time MBA program designed to cultivate innovative, responsible, and digital-savvy business leaders.
  • The program focuses on key topics such as Sustainability, Digital Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, providing students with career accelerator options.
  • ESSEC’s global field projects, internships, and networking opportunities enhance students’ practical skills and prepare them for leadership roles in diverse industries.

=1. Audencia

  • Audencia, located in Nantes, France, stands out for achieving gender parity and hosting a completely international cohort in its MBA program.
  • The school’s emphasis on advanced management practices and corporate social responsibility prepares graduates for impactful roles in major corporations worldwide.
  • With a strong employment rate before graduation and a diverse class composition, Audencia offers a close-knit learning environment for students to develop innovative ideas and solutions.

=1. ESCP Business School

  • ESCP Business School, situated in Paris, France, shares the top spot for the most diverse MBA program with Audencia.
  • The program’s international focus, core modules, and specialized projects equip students with the skills to become successful international business leaders.
  • ESCP’s multicultural experience and comprehensive management curriculum prepare students for global business challenges and opportunities.