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### Top School Consideration by Mainland DT Christian Hudson: UCF Stands Out

Top UCF prospect visited the campus over the weekend, engaging with the coaching staff and observing the spring scrimmage. The Daytona Beach Mainland defensive tackle, after an initial meeting with Coach (Kenny) Martin, delved into various aspects of UCF’s program and future prospects. Subsequently, defensive line meetings were attended, providing insights into the team’s dynamics and performance analysis from the previous day’s practice session.

Following this, discussions with Coach (Ted) Roof emphasized the player’s significance to the team and potential contributions. A meeting with Coach (Gus) Malzahn further highlighted UCF’s aspirations in the Big 12 conference and the pivotal role the prospect could play in their future endeavors.

Impressed by the humility and professionalism within the UCF environment, Hudson acknowledged the university’s track record in nurturing top-tier athletes. The informative sessions outlined mutual benefits for both the player and the program, showcasing the potential for a fruitful collaboration.