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MA Graduate Silvia Ortiz is a passionate advocate for rural,

Please tell us a bit about yourself

My journey to CU Boulder is a unique one. I reside in the Brighton area and teach in a small town in Northeastern Colorado. During my undergraduate program, I had the privilege of participating in the BUENO program through the Career Ladder Program. This experience not only deepened my passion for educational equity but also paved the way for my decision to pursue my master’s degree through the BUENO program at CU Boulder. The opportunity to return to BUENO now as a graduate student was a clear sign that this was the right path for me.”

What is one of the most significant lessons from your time at CU Boulder that you’ll carry with you into the next chapter?

[icon shape=”fa-quote-left” size=”fa-3x” pull=”left” color=”gray” /I have always considered myself a lifelong learner, and my time at CU Boulder has satiated my desire to explore new learning and revive my passion for equity for bilingual learners. The most profound and significant lesson I take away from my time at CU Boulder is this: all of our students come to us with various gifts and talents. It is up to us, educators, to explore such gifts and talents and leverage them to inspire and nurture independent learners and thinkers. By disrupting injustices created by systemic oppression we give our students the opportunities to thrive.”

What does graduating from CU Boulder represent for you and/or your community?

Graduating from CU Boulder as a BUENO Center master’s student is a momentous achievement. CU Boulder has always been at the forefront of educational equity and advocacy for bilingual students and communities. As a Latina, this accomplishment holds a special place in my heart. It is a testament to my dedication and the support I have received from my community. This honor will undoubtedly enrich my work with my brilliant bilingual students.”

What is your best piece of advice for incoming students?

I believe that one’s most remarkable ability is the ability to use metacognition. The ability to evaluate, monitor, and apply new teachings to our understanding is essential. A student with the caliber of being a critical thinker and having metacognitive awareness will find success in their endeavors.”

What are your next steps after graduation?

As a lifelong learner, I have enjoyed my time as a student. Now is the time to apply all of what I’ve learned. My graduate program was robust and rich, with mastery in the field of educational equity. Now is my time to discern how best to apply my newfound knowledge in my specific role. Furthermore, I would like to inspire other educators through my example and leadership.”

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