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**Summer Abroad Program for Lone Star College Students**

HOUSTON, TX – Lone Star College’s Honors College students engage in high-quality educational initiatives, such as international classes, national conferences, and study abroad programs, to enhance their competitiveness on a global scale.

According to Katharine Caruso, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor of Honors and International Education at LSC, “Lone Star College is redefining the possibilities of community colleges by providing exceptional programs and dedicated faculty, all at affordable tuition rates and with smaller class sizes.”

Recently, the United States Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman Program recognized five outstanding students from LSC Global Scholars and Honors College with the prestigious Gilman International Scholarship for their upcoming summer 2024 study abroad endeavors. These scholars will utilize the $4,000 scholarship to immerse themselves in diverse cultures across African and Asian nations.

The recipients of the Gilman International Scholarship are as follows:

  • Mark Garcia, LSC-Tomball Global Scholars, heading to the Philippines
  • Ailin Gonzalez, LSC-Houston North Global Scholars, embarking on a journey to Morocco
  • Georgina Palomo, LSC-Tomball Honors College, also venturing to the Philippines
  • Guiliana Sodaro, LSC-Tomball Global Scholars and Honors College, selected for a study experience in Japan
  • Diana Nguyen Tran, LSC-CyFair Honors College, preparing for a cultural exploration in Morocco

Expressing her gratitude, Sodaro commented, “This scholarship is a significant step towards fulfilling my aspiration of studying abroad, providing me with a broader perspective of the world, which is essential for my future career in law.”

Lone Star College Honors College is committed to offering students exceptional educational opportunities, including Global Scholars programs, international courses, national conferences, and study abroad experiences, to equip them with the skills needed to excel in local, national, and global arenas. Explore more at [ppp13].