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### Financing Options for Liberty University Online Tuition

Liberty University Student Financial Services sets the yearly cost of attendance allocations to aid students and their families in financial planning for the academic year. The estimated allowances provided below for online students are subject to variation based on individual spending decisions. These allowances are categorized as “indirect,” indicating that they are not directly billed to student accounts. Direct charges applicable to student accounts are detailed above in the Online Program Costs sections.

Breakdown of Online Cost of Attendance

Allowance Type Full Time Half Time
Housing $7,132 $7,132
Food $2,588 $2,588
Fees $236 $236
Loan Fees (Graduate/Doctoral Students) $112 $112
Books, Supplies, and Course Materials* $2,008 $1,004
Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses $4,100 $4,100
Transportation $1,546 $1,546

Allowances provided in this table are based on a student’s enrollment in the online program at either full-time or half-time status for a 9-month period, typically covering the Fall and Spring semesters.

*The Books, Supplies, and Course Materials allowance for online undergraduate students is adjusted at a reduced rate due to waived charges.

Definitions of Costs of Attendance Allowance

Living Expenses (Food and Housing): This allowance covers food and housing expenses determined by the institution for students attending on at least a half-time basis, including:

  • A standard food allowance equivalent to three meals daily, regardless of opting for institutionally provided food services.
  • Housing allowances for students in institution-owned housing with or without dependents based on average or median charges.
  • Housing allowances for off-campus students including rent or other housing costs.
  • For dependent students residing with parents, a standard living expenses allowance is included.
  • For students on a military base or receiving a basic allowance under section 403(b) of title 37, U.S. Code, a reasonable food allowance is provided.
  • For all other students, an allowance based on their incurred expenses is included.

Fees: In addition to tuition, this covers the amount typically charged to students with the same academic workload.

Loan Fees: This allowance accounts for the cost of any Federal student loan fees, origination fees, or insurance premiums borne by the student or parent. It may reflect actual or average costs, excluding non-Federal loan expenses.

Books, Course Materials, Supplies and Equipment: This allowance includes expenses for required books, materials, and equipment for all students in the same program, with a reasonable provision for computer rental or purchase.

Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses: An allowance determined by the institution for students attending at least half-time.