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**Advocating for a Referendum: Candidate’s Perspective on Enhancing Local School Systems**

To the Editor-

“Our children represent the future, and ensuring their success is our duty.” – Solomon Ortiz

I am running for re-election to the Stevens Point Area Public School Board, with my name on the upcoming April 2 election ballot. Both early voting and mail-in voting are currently underway. I urge all residents to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming spring general election, which features crucial decisions for local, state, and federal offices, as well as referenda. Every vote counts, and the outcomes of elections have a significant impact.

For those who have supported my work during my nearly decade-long tenure on the school board, I humbly ask for your vote once again. My focus remains steadfast on advancing our District’s core principles of student achievement, staff recruitment, retention, and support, ensuring sustainable financial backing for our public schools, and fostering strong connections with our community.

I am committed to serving as a constructive member of the school board, collaborating with the Superintendent, administration, staff, parents, families, and the community to fulfill our District’s mission of preparing every student for success.

I also strongly advocate for voting YES on the Stevens Point Area Public School District’s recurring operational referendum. Our District is confronting financial challenges due to insufficient state funding for public schools, inadequate state and federal support for special education, and the conclusion of temporary Covid funds that were never intended for long-term operational funding.

These referendum funds are essential to maintain the quality of public education in our District. Even with the referendum’s approval, our District’s tax mill rate will remain below the state average and lower than all other Wisconsin Valley School Districts except Marshfield. Supporting sustainable funding for our local public schools through a Yes Vote is an investment in our future generations, following the footsteps of previous generations.

For further discussion on my candidacy or the District referendum, feel free to reach out to me via email or phone at (715) 491-2448.

Warm regards,

Meg Erler
Stevens Point
Candidate for Stevens Point Area Public School Board