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### Lehigh Valley High School Wrestling Rankings: Rath Understands Gaj’s Struggle

Kollin Rath is familiar with Collin Gaj, as they have been training partners and friends for years. Rath, a two-time PIAA champion with an impressive career record of 107-4, understands the emotions Gaj is experiencing after their recent championship match. Despite Rath’s own past struggles as a four-time state runner-up, he is confident that Gaj, a talented junior from Quakertown, will bounce back and excel in his future endeavors, including his collegiate wrestling journey at Virginia Tech.

While there is speculation about Rath potentially leaving Bethlehem Catholic to pursue training opportunities in Missouri, similar to past champions who opted for such paths, it seems unlikely that Gaj will make a similar decision to leave Quakertown early for Virginia Tech. Instead, both wrestlers are focused on upcoming training sessions together, preparing for The U.S. Open U20 tournament scheduled in Las Vegas from April 24-28.

Following the recent PIAA Wrestling Championships, there have been notable changes in the high school wrestling rankings. Despite the shifts, Rath and Gaj maintain their positions as the top two contenders in the 152-pound category. The rankings showcase the achievements and performances of various wrestlers across different weight classes, highlighting their successes and challenges throughout the season.