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– Western Governors University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Saga Education, and Relay Graduate School of Education Choose Kyron Learning to Enhance Learning Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Kyron Learning, a company dedicated to offering learners equal access to exceptional educators, has officially launched the Kyron platform for public use after completing a four-month beta testing phase. This learning platform features discussion-based lessons enhanced by generative AI technology, aimed at amplifying and expanding the reach of outstanding teachers. Notable customers currently benefiting from the Kyron platform include Western Governors University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Saga Education, Relay Graduate School of Education, Baltimore City Public Schools, Cambiar Education / Run the Future, and KIPP Chicago Public Schools.

Educational institutions and learning solution providers can harness the power of Kyron’s AI-driven learning framework to swiftly generate cutting-edge interactive learning materials. The distinctive question-oriented learning approach and interactive features of Kyron can be seamlessly integrated into spontaneous learning situations or used to enrich existing curricula, thereby enhancing traditional educational offerings.

Rajen Sheth, the CEO of Kyron Learning, expressed, “Our partners are addressing a wide array of critical challenges through the Kyron platform. The diversity of applications not only underscores the platform’s versatility across various market sectors but also highlights the innovative ways in which our partners are leveraging this educational technology.”

  • Western Governors University: WGU is currently testing Kyron-based modules in Data Science and Computer Science to provide students with interactive, on-demand access to instructor support outside of regular hours.
  • Illinois Institute of Technology: Illinois Tech is incorporating Kyron into their Managerial Economics courses on Coursera to deliver personalized instruction on frequently asked questions.
  • Saga Education: Committed to enhancing educational outcomes, Saga Education is integrating Kyron’s specialized lessons into their adaptive learning technology to boost tutor effectiveness and foster stronger tutor-student relationships.
  • Relay Graduate School of Education: Relay is utilizing Kyron lessons to enrich their asynchronous coursework, offering novice educators the chance to learn, practice, and receive feedback on essential classroom skills.
  • Baltimore City Public Schools and KIPP Chicago Public Schools: These institutions are at the forefront of utilizing Kyron’s 4th grade math content to provide scalable differentiated learning experiences within their classrooms. Additionally, they are exploring Kyron Studio to develop customized lessons for their students.
  • Cambiar Education / Run the Future: Cambiar and Run the Future have joined forces to develop an entirely online asynchronous course on youth entrepreneurship, enriched with Kyron technology, focusing on fostering innovation skills among diverse populations.

Dr. Joe Dery, Dean of Data Analytics, Computer Science, and Software Engineering at WGU, remarked, “Initial testing has shown extremely positive responses to the Kyron lessons we have introduced. By offering students curated interactive content on-demand, particularly when immediate human support may not be available, we have the potential to significantly improve course completion rates, leading to more students graduating on time. It’s truly exciting.”

The Kyron platform is now accessible for enterprise and institutional usage. For more information, visit the website and create tailored lessons effortlessly from scratch in just minutes.


Established in September 2022, Kyron Learning is a public benefit corporation dedicated to ensuring all learners have access to exceptional educators. Kyron Learning provides a platform that delivers personalized learning experiences through interactive multi-modal content, utilizing AI to facilitate interactions between instructors and learners. Headquartered in San Francisco, Kyron has additional offices in Boston and Seattle, comprising a team of distinguished educators and experienced leaders from Google and Amazon.

SOURCE: Kyron Learning