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**Exploring the Influence of Knowledge: Beyonce’s Father Collaborates on African American Music History Course**

It is undeniable that instructors with genuine practical experience offer invaluable insights into the real world. Therefore, when students embarked on a new semester at Pepperdine University, they were pleasantly surprised to encounter not just one but two professors in their class.

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The unexpected co-instructor for the course turned out to be a distinguished music executive, entrepreneur, and educator—who happens to be none other than Beyonce’s father. This semester, he is co-teaching a course titled “African American Aesthetic Culture From Spirituals to Hip Hop” alongside a professor from Pepperdine specializing in English and film.

With a legacy of propelling Destiny’s Child and Beyonce to international musical stardom, the instructor has sold over 500 million records worldwide. However, to the students, he has been known as Professor Knowles for the past 22 years.

Expressing his core belief that knowledge equates to power, he emphasizes the importance of educating and inspiring young individuals. According to him, success often stems from possessing extensive knowledge in one’s field and making meaningful contributions.

The primary objective of the course is to delve into the aesthetic musical influences of African Americans in the United States within a socio-historical framework. Starting from the era of slavery and extending to contemporary hip-hop culture, the course aims to explore themes of resilience, hope, faith, and the intricate facets of the human experience within a specific cultural context.

Teaching history accurately is a subject close to Knowles’ heart and a significant factor that motivated his collaboration with his co-instructor. He underscores the prevalent lack of historical awareness among today’s youth, particularly concerning their own family histories and the misconceptions surrounding slavery.

In light of recent events highlighting the contentious nature of history, especially regarding racial narratives, the importance of educating the younger generation becomes even more pronounced. Knowles advocates for a deeper understanding of history to navigate its complexities and learn from past mistakes.

Described as a true professor of the practice, Knowles’ extensive experience extends beyond his children’s musical achievements to collaborations with industry legends like Earth Wind & Fire and Chaka Khan. With a track record of executive production on numerous award-winning albums, he has also held leadership positions at esteemed companies.

Known for his humility and authenticity, Knowles brings a unique blend of expertise and relatability to the classroom, creating an engaging educational environment. His teaching style, characterized by a fusion of education and entertainment, incorporates multimedia elements to captivate students’ attention and foster a dynamic learning experience.

Emphasizing the value of sharing both knowledge and failures, Knowles encourages students to view setbacks as opportunities for growth rather than reasons to give up. His commitment to giving back and imparting wisdom underscores his dedication to mentorship and inspiring the next generation.