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### DeSantis to Sign Crucial Education Reform Legislation

(The Center Square) — Governor Ron DeSantis revealed on Monday his intention to sign several education reforms recently approved by the Florida Legislature.

Among the key points emphasized by DeSantis is the bill’s focus on addressing the challenges faced by schools in improving academic performance and student learning outcomes.

During the announcement, DeSantis expressed, “We’re here today to showcase this bill, and we anticipate signing it promptly upon its delivery from the Legislature. One significant aspect it tackles is the Turn Around School Program implemented in Florida.”

DeSantis elaborated on how the Turn Around School Program functions, highlighting that school districts are given a two-year window to enhance their academic ratings if they have consecutively received D or F grades.

“When schools are designated under turnaround status, districts have various remedial options available, such as bringing in an external operator, converting to a charter school, or ultimately closing the school,” DeSantis explained.

He further pointed out that certain schools had previously explored alternative measures, including transitioning to a charter school, but faced delays due to school boards’ reluctance to comply with the charter school contract mandated by Florida law.

In instances where school boards hindered progress, the Florida Department of Education and the state Board of Governors intervened, particularly in the case of an Escambia County school seeking charter school status.

DeSantis stressed the urgency of addressing poor accountability ratings promptly without unnecessary delays in the remediation process.

“Districts must act swiftly in these situations, and if the charter school option is chosen, they must promptly engage in contractual agreements to facilitate positive change,” DeSantis emphasized.

Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz Jr. affirmed, “Governor DeSantis has underscored our commitment to providing students with top-tier education, and we will not tolerate any attempts to politicize our educational framework. Florida continues to lead in educational opportunities, and I commend the collaborative efforts statewide.”

Additionally, DeSantis mentioned that schools opting for the charter school route under turnaround status will be exempt from rent and administrative fees to alleviate financial burdens and enable a dedicated focus on academic enhancement.

“When we identify areas that require improvement, it is our duty to act decisively and efficiently,” DeSantis reiterated.