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### Kathryn Dennis Reveals Major Life Update: “Heading Back…”

Throughout her 32 years of life, Kathryn has embraced various roles and responsibilities.

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The former student is a proud mother to her daughter, Kenzie, and son, Saint, as well as a former designer of children’s furniture. However, she is now on the brink of taking on yet another new challenge.

Over the past few years, Kathryn has demonstrated unwavering loyalty to her friends. Yet, in a recent update shared on her Instagram story, she hinted at a significant shift in focus towards her own endeavors. Continue reading to discover the exciting changes Kathryn is preparing for her future.

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Kathryn Dennis’ Latest Life Update

In a recent post on her Instagram story, Kathryn made a striking announcement, accompanied by a captivating photo.

Dressed in a chic black and white ensemble, complemented by a black bow in her distinctive red hair, the fashionable woman gazed confidently into the camera. The attention, however, was drawn to the caption overlaying the image.

“This girl is going back to school!,” declared Kathryn atop the photo, with “BREAKING NEWS” flashing across the bottom.

While Kathryn has not yet disclosed the specifics of her educational pursuits—such as the institution she will be attending, her field of study, or her academic goals—this revelation alone has sparked considerable excitement. Her followers eagerly anticipate further insights into her educational journey, eagerly awaiting updates on her Instagram profile.

Kathryn Dennis’ Educational Background and Career Path

This upcoming educational endeavor will not mark Kathryn’s first foray into college life. In 2009, she embarked on her initial college experience, delving into Political Science and Women’s Studies, as per her . Following her collegiate years, she delved into the realm of politics at both federal and state levels. However, during a candid interview in 2018, Kathryn expressed her desire to pursue her true passions.

“I’m currently exploring different avenues to discover my true calling,” shared Kathryn. “Previously, I was engrossed in political studies and contemplated law school, conforming to societal expectations. Now, I am embracing my genuine interests, such as fashion, clothing, and footwear. I am in the process of rediscovering and reinventing myself.”

While appearing on Southern Charm, viewers witnessed Kathryn’s exploration of the fashion world. From embarking on fashion endeavors, interning at undisclosed locations, to unveiling her creative talents, Kathryn showcased her flair for design as a home decorator.

The specifics of Kathryn’s future academic pursuits remain undisclosed, leaving her followers in eager anticipation of her forthcoming endeavors in the design realm.