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### Triumphant Schools in Perasiriyar K. Anbazh…: Karumbapalayam vs. Arasur

Two esteemed educational institutions, the Karumbapalayam Government High School and the Arasur Panchayat Union Primary School (PUPS), have received the prestigious ‘Perasiriyar K. Anbazhagan Award for Best Schools 2024’ on March 2, recognizing their significant achievements in the field of education. This accolade, presented by the Prof. Anbazhagan awards committee for the second time since its inception in 2022, acknowledges schools for their outstanding contributions to academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, and holistic student development.

Criteria for Excellence

Named in honor of the former Minister for Higher Education, K. P. Anbazhagan, these awards establish a comprehensive set of standards for evaluation. Schools in the region undergo assessment based on various criteria such as academic performance, implementation of creative teaching approaches, range of extracurricular activities, community involvement, infrastructural enhancements, level of digitalization, and overall student growth. Through a meticulous evaluation process, only the most deserving institutions are recognized for their exceptional dedication to education.

Achievements and Scores

During a rigorous evaluation, the PUPS schools achieved an impressive overall score of 80 out of 100 in the elementary school category, despite facing deductions for their limited digital initiatives. Conversely, the Government High School in Karumbapalayam excelled with an 83-point rating in the higher secondary school category, credited to the exemplary student performance in public examinations over the past two years and the integration of smartboards in all classrooms. M. Kala, the proud head of the Karumbapalayam school, expressed gratitude and enthusiasm for this inaugural achievement, considering the award as a stimulus to further elevate their educational standards.

Implications for Future Education

The acknowledgment bestowed upon Karumbapalayam Government High School and Arasur Panchayat Union Primary School through the ‘Perasiriyar K. Anbazhagan Award for Best Schools 2024’ not only applauds their current successes but also establishes a model for other educational establishments. It underscores the significance of continual enhancement in teaching methodologies, infrastructure, and student involvement to foster holistic growth. As these schools receive tailored funds for their advancement, it is expected that this encouragement will motivate other institutions to innovate and strive for excellence, thereby enhancing educational benchmarks throughout the region.