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### Seeking the Top School Catering Team: Are You the Ultimate Dinner Lady for Jamie Oliver?

Jamie Oliver Seeks Britain’s Finest School Food Heroes

In collaboration with [ppp1] for the second consecutive year, Jamie Oliver is embarking on a quest to discover the most exceptional dinner lady or gentleman in Britain. This initiative is part of the Good School Food Awards, an endeavor to recognize and celebrate the efforts of school catering teams across the nation.

Jamie Oliver, a renowned chef and advocate for improving school food quality for over two decades, commended the dedication of Britain’s school cooks on International School Food Day. He highlighted the significant role school kitchens play, serving approximately five million meals daily. Oliver emphasized the demanding nature of their work, noting that serving 1,400 meals in just 50 minutes is a formidable challenge even for professional chefs.

The Good School Food Awards, encompassing nurseries, pre-schools, primary, and secondary non-paying institutions, aim to honor the unsung heroes behind school meals. Oliver expressed his admiration for the school lunch staff, acknowledging their relentless efforts and exceptional contributions to the well-being of students.

Nominations for the Good School Food Awards are open to the public, inviting submissions of up to 200 words detailing why a particular catering team deserves recognition. Whether for their innovative approaches during crises, introduction of new foods to children, or utilization of locally sourced ingredients, any exceptional efforts can be acknowledged.

If you know of a school catering team that exemplifies dedication and creativity in serving children, including during challenging times, Jamie Oliver encourages you to submit your nominations at [ppp2].

How to Participate

Do you have insights into a school catering team that surpasses expectations in catering to children’s needs? Have they demonstrated exceptional commitment during crises, introduced innovative culinary experiences, or embraced locally sourced ingredients in their menus? Jamie Oliver is eager to learn about their remarkable contributions. Nominate them now at [ppp2].