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### Meet Our Graduate Student Advisory Council

We are thrilled to introduce the establishment of our Graduate Student Advisory Council dedicated to supporting our new initiatives in [ppp[5]ppp].

Comprising a dynamic and diverse team of five individuals, the Graduate Student Advisory Council will provide valuable insights and guidance to EdTrust’s upcoming projects focusing on the intersection of race and disability within our core [ppp[6]ppp]. This collaborative effort aims to enhance our understanding and advocacy for students of color with disabilities, shedding light on their unique experiences and obstacles.

This initiative offers a platform for the voices of emerging researchers while also fostering professional development opportunities for graduate students. Despite their varied research focuses, all members share a common goal of empowering students of color with disabilities and their families.

Meet the distinguished members of the Graduate Student Advisory Council, representing different regions across the United States and specializing in a wide array of disability and education topics:

  • Briana Gibson (she/her): A graduate student at Howard University enrolled in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program. Briana’s research delves into the experiences of African American and Black parents and guardians of children in special education. Her academic pursuits also encompass intersectionality, culturally responsive teaching, and addressing racial disproportionalities in special education.

  • Deonte Iverson (he/him): Currently a fifth-year doctoral student in the Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Deonte’s dissertation focuses on Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction’s recent policy changes regarding emotional behavioral disability (EBD) eligibility criteria. His research interests extend to anti-racist educational leadership, mitigating racial disparities in school discipline, and promoting educational equity.

  • Kourtney Clark (she/her): A fourth-year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Georgia specializing in Educational Administration and Policy. Kourtney’s research centers on special education policy, particularly exploring the convergence of race and disability, teacher expectations, and the inclusive education of students with disabilities. Prior to her doctoral studies, she served as a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) facilitator and classroom teacher.

  • Logan McDermott (he/him): A doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University’s school of education with a keen interest in special education policy and the societal perceptions of disability. Logan’s current research investigates the decision-making processes of individual education plan (IEP) teams regarding student accommodations and examines disparities in accommodation allocation. Before pursuing his doctorate, Logan taught general education mathematics in Ohio and Washington, DC.

  • Tatianna L. Zambrano (she/her): A Ph.D. candidate in school psychology specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders at the University of Florida. Tatianna’s research focuses on evaluating assessment methodologies for identifying children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and assessing universal mental health practices in school settings. Recognized for her leadership within UF’s College of Education, Tatianna is committed to serving diverse patient populations across various healthcare settings. She obtained her B.S. in psychology from the University of Alabama.