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### Top Six Schools for No. 2 Top247 Prospect, David Sanders

247Sports’ top-ranked offensive tackle has significantly narrowed down his options from a staggering 43 scholarship offers, selecting just six elite institutions from across the country. The Charlotte (NC) Providence Day School standout, a five-star recruit, has honed in on the University of Tennessee, the University of Georgia, Clemson University, South Carolina, Ohio State, and Alabama as his primary contenders.

Standing tall at 6-foot-6 and weighing 270 pounds, Sanders, ranked second overall regardless of position by 247Sports, is meticulously planning his upcoming visits and official tours for the spring and summer months with these final six schools. He emphasized that these programs have shown unwavering dedication in their recruitment efforts, making him feel most at ease and valued during his interactions, whether in the locker room or on campus.

Despite the arduous task of narrowing down his choices to six, Sanders acknowledges that the ultimate decision-making process will pose an even greater challenge. He stressed the importance of cultivating strong relationships with the coaching staff and feeling a sense of belonging and development potential at the chosen institution.

As the reigning North Carolina Gatorade State Player of the Year and a pivotal player in Providence Day’s state championship victory, Sanders has been a sought-after prospect since his freshman year. The past year has been a whirlwind of campus visits, game day experiences, camps, and engaging conversations with top coaches in the field.

Sanders’ mother, Samantha, expressed pride in her son’s journey and the family’s involvement in the decision-making process. Transitioning from the excitement of campus visits to the more profound considerations of academic alignment and personal growth, the Sanders family is navigating this pivotal moment with careful deliberation.

With a keen eye on ensuring that his college major aligns with his aspirations, Sanders is approaching the final stages of his recruitment process with diligence and intentionality. Each of the top six schools holds a unique appeal for Sanders, presenting him with a challenging yet promising decision ahead.