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### W&M Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Please join us to discover more about the 2024 W&M Faculty-led study abroad program to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The information session welcomes prospective students considering applying by the extended Feb 1 deadline and accepted students (who applied by Dec 4) with lingering questions about the courses, overall schedule, and itinerary.

Insights on Santiago de Compostela Situated in the UNESCO-designated Old Town, Santiago de Compostela boasts a rich cultural heritage. The city’s cathedral remains a focal point for numerous pilgrims annually, traversing the historic “Route of St. James” or Camino de Santiago, a revered medieval path in Northern Spain embraced by present-day travelers. Nestled in the Galicia region’s northwest, the ancient sector features labyrinthine stone alleys from the medieval era, contrasting with the contemporary architectural landscape of the newer district.

Program Overview Throughout their stay in Santiago de Compostela, students will engage deeply with local customs and traditions. Educational outings encompass visits to museums, cathedrals, and other pilgrimage sites within the city. In the initial fortnight of the program, students will journey to neighboring cities and partake in day-long treks retracing the footsteps of medieval pilgrims. The agenda also includes immersing in cultural celebrations, witnessing key local happenings, and indulging in authentic culinary experiences.

Sponsored by: Reves Center for International Studies