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### Exploring the Night Sky: IB Conklin Students Stargaze with Space Case Sarah

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Sarah Treadwell, also known as Space Case Sarah, has returned to the Rockford area to assist students in exploring constellations using an inflatable planetarium.

On March 15, Science Communicator Sarah Treadwell, alias Space Case Sarah, engaged first-grade students in a series of enjoyable Astronomy activities at IB Candidate School at Conklin, located at 3003 Halsted Road.

“This year, all RPS schools have implemented a new curriculum, which includes CKLA knowledge,” explained First Grade Teacher Amy Velez. “As part of this, we focus on a specific topic for a few weeks, conduct numerous read-aloud sessions, and introduce students to vocabulary related to that topic.”

Recently, the first-grade students at IB Conklin completed a unit on Astronomy. Amy discovered Space Case Sarah’s contact information and remembered her visits to other RPS schools.

“Many of our students lack opportunities like this,” Amy remarked. “They may not have the chance to travel to different places. Whenever we can bring something to them here or take them on a field trip within the community, it’s truly rewarding to witness the wonder and excitement on their faces.”

Space Case Sarah collaborates with [ppp1] to deliver Astronomy presentations using an inflatable planetarium, supported by [ppp2] and [ppp3], a NASA space research program.

“I was fortunate to receive a NASA grant to develop my own NASA planetarium show,” shared Space Case Sarah Treadwell. “During a two-month expedition last year, I resided on a ship conducting ocean rock coring operations in the middle of the ocean. This experience inspired me to incorporate underwater elements from the expedition into the planetarium show, which was well-received by NASA.”

Sarah mentioned that the presentation has piqued the interest of 12 other schools in experiencing her planetarium show. She aims to continue lending out the planetarium from [ppp4] to accommodate visit requests.

For more details about Space Case Sarah, please visit the [ppp5].

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