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### Top 5 Global Medical Schools for an MBBS Degree by HZ Educate

Top Universities for Studying Medicine Worldwide

Dreaming of studying at the finest universities globally is a common aspiration. These esteemed institutions provide unparalleled educational quality, distinguished faculty, and exceptional career prospects. Among the various courses, pursuing Medicine necessitates learning from premier educators, utilizing top-notch facilities, and engaging in practical training.

If embarking on an MBBS journey at the world’s elite universities is your goal, explore the following prestigious institutions:

1. University of Oxford, UK

Renowned for its academic excellence, the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom stands out as a premier destination for MBBS aspirants. The annual tuition fees range from ₹27 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs.

2. University of Tokyo, Japan

Situated in Bunkyo, Tokyo, the University of Tokyo is Japan’s leading medical education hub and a global frontrunner. Noteworthy alumni include the nation’s Prime Ministers and Nobel laureates. The average yearly fee is approximately ₹2.82 Lakhs.

3. Harvard University, USA

Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is synonymous with academic prestige. Renowned for its distinguished faculty and cutting-edge laboratories, it offers a superlative learning experience. The annual tuition fees range from ₹37 Lakhs to 55 Lakhs.

4. University of Hong Kong, China

For those aspiring to practice medicine, the University of Hong Kong emerges as China’s premier institution for medical studies. It also holds a prominent position globally. The average annual fee is around ₹19 Lakhs.

5. University of Cambridge, UK

Nestled in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the University of Cambridge boasts one of the world’s top 5 medical colleges. Enrolling here not only enhances your credentials but also provides access to exceptional internships through its proficient placement cell. The annual tuition fees range from ₹50 Lakhs to 65 Lakhs.

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