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### Ways to Participate in the General Education Reform Task Force

All individuals within the University of Pittsburgh community are encouraged to participate in sharing their opinions through an online survey and during upcoming listening sessions.

The team, consisting of 50 members including faculty, advisors, staff, and students representing various schools and campuses, is commencing the evaluation of the current general education curricula. The success of this review process relies heavily on the diverse experiences, innovative ideas, and active engagement of the entire University community.

The Provost’s Office task force is tasked with proposing a more cohesive and integrated model to be implemented University-wide. The primary goal of this initiative is to establish a curriculum and learning objectives, outlined in the Plan for Pitt, that are harmonized, quantifiable, and adaptable. This framework aims to foster growth in critical thinking, communication skills, intercultural and global awareness, leadership abilities, data analysis, and collaborative aptitude.

To provide your input to the General Education Reform Task Force, you can:

Participate in a listening session

The task force will conduct both in-person and virtual sessions for students and faculty members throughout March and April. Everyone is encouraged to join these sessions to gain insights into this endeavor and share feedback regarding their experiences with the general education program at Pitt.

Complete a survey

Your feedback through this survey will play a crucial role in shaping the initial discussions as the reform initiative takes off. Stay tuned for the faculty and staff survey link, which will be released shortly.