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### Adapting to FSU Campus Life Post Studying Overseas

This article was authored by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The notion of “studying abroad” is often glamorized as an exciting adventure, and indeed, it lives up to the hype. The experience of studying in a foreign land is unparalleled in its richness and diversity. As a student at Florida State University, the allure of International Programs constantly beckons, enticing individuals to embark on this transformative journey. However, amidst the thrill of exploration lies a challenge unspoken: the reintegration into everyday life upon returning to campus.

In this narrative, I aim to share three invaluable tips to aid in readjusting to campus life post-study abroad. Having navigated my freshman year in Europe, I can attest to the daunting nature of this transition. Transitioning back to Tallahassee felt akin to starting anew, a sentiment echoed by many. Yet, there is a silver lining. If you thrived in a foreign setting, you possess the resilience to excel back home. Let’s delve into practical strategies for a seamless reentry!

Engage in Campus Activities

While the advice to “get involved on campus” may seem cliché, its significance cannot be overstated. Immersing oneself in the campus community is key to fostering a sense of belonging and attachment. Fortunately, universities like FSU teem with a plethora of clubs and organizations catering to diverse interests.

From the Surf Club to the Comic Book Club, and everything in between, FSU offers a smorgasbord of options for students. Professional associations such as the Ad Club not only facilitate networking within your field but also bolster your resume. It’s a symbiotic relationship, a strategic win-win.

Taking the initial step to join a group may seem daunting, but remember, you’ve conquered far greater challenges—like embarking on a journey to a foreign land. In comparison, this is a mere stride in the park.

Apart from clubs, campus life pulsates with activities ranging from sports events to cultural showcases. A noteworthy gem for FSU students is Club Downunder, a vibrant hub within the Student Union hosting an array of free events weekly. From concerts to silent discos, their offerings are bound to captivate.

Prioritize Physical Activity

One of the perks of European living is the inherent walkability of cities. Daily strolls amidst picturesque surroundings effortlessly meet your fitness goals. This realization prompted me to acknowledge the profound impact of physical activity on holistic well-being.

Upon returning to campus, I recognized the need to incorporate exercise into my routine. Thus, my second tip: identify a physical activity that resonates with you. Whether it’s partaking in gym classes or joining a club team, staying active is instrumental in combating restlessness and nurturing a healthy mind-body connection. Personally, Yoga Club has become my sanctuary, but I encourage you to explore and find your fitness haven.

Sustain the Spirit of Exploration

The culmination of your study abroad stint doesn’t signify the end of your adventures. Armed with newfound skills and perspectives, continue to explore the wonders around you. America, and particularly Tallahassee, brims with natural beauty and historical intrigue awaiting your discovery.

For FSU students, Tallahassee’s charm lies in its proximity to state parks and cultural landmarks. Embrace the spirit of curiosity and venture into uncharted territories. My upcoming escapade to Providence Canyon in Southern Georgia stands as a testament to the endless possibilities for exploration just a stone’s throw away.

These three guiding principles serve as anchors for your reintegration into campus life. As a parting nugget of wisdom, manage your expectations judiciously. Comparing your campus routine to the thrill of studying abroad is akin to juxtaposing apples and oranges. Embrace the present moment and seize the opportunities unfolding around you.

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