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Here’s the #1 Best School District in Michigan for 2024

Finding the best school district in Michigan can be a challenge, given the variety of education options available across the state. Michigan has some diverse educational opportunities, particularly for those pursuing higher education after high school. However, it’s essential to identify strong K-12 education offerings before transitioning to college, as a solid educational foundation is crucial for success at every stage of academic life.

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So where should you send your kids to school? That answer depends on where you live

What is Michigan’s #1 School District?

According to the website , who ranks schools in each state based on merits like best teachers, best sports and more, these are the districts where your student has the best opprotunity.

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The top three school districts in Michigan are…

#3. Northville Public Schools
Northville, Mi

With 10 schools serving over 7,000 students, Northville Public Schools have managed to score with an A+ rating thanks to their small classroom sizes, great handle on subjects, variety of sports / clubs as well as offering college prep for their students.

One parent said “Excellent district, dedicated teachers and community, commitment to excellence and increasing focus on student mental health, and great sports and extracurricular programs. I have kids at the elementary, middle and high school levels and all have had positive experiences, even through Covid, which the district managed through beautifully.”

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#2 Troy School District
Troy, Mi

The Troy School District has some of the highest ratings possible when it comes to their teachers, classroom sizes, and all things academic. (The lowest rating they recieved was a B in food, which is about par for the course for most schools these days.)

With a 94% graduation rate, and most of their alumni going to schools like Michigan State and University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, your student’s chance at educational success is extremely high in this district.

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And the best school district in Michigan?

#1 Novi Community School District
Novi, Mi

This east side suburb is the perfect place to raise your kids if you want them to have a quality education. Ranked first of all of Michigan’s 580 school districts, parents and students alike praise their schools in the area.

One parent had this to say about the district “Excellent! Will definitely get your children ready for college and for the future. Novi offers many college preparation courses as well as counselor support to the student and teacher. There is absolutely no reason why your child should fail in the Novi school district.”

And they’re right, with an 18:1 ratio for teachers and students, your child will get the attention and care they deserve in this district.

If you want to see the full list of schools and where your district lands, you can visit Niche’s .

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