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Here is Michigan’s #1 Best School District For 2024

Everybody believes that they went to the best high school, well almost everybody. The memories, achievements, and bonds that are built create a sense of pride. High school for the most part is some of the best years of your life and people remember them forever. High school alumni are some of the school’s biggest supporters so they will always go to bat to say their alma mater is better than anyone else’s.

When comparing schools to find out which is the best there are tons of factors that are taken into account. Some schools have boosts in areas where other schools lack while others are solid across the board, either way, the metrics keep the race close. Those factors include but are not limited to athletic success, graduation rate, income rates, school size, and more. Can you guess which school district is the best in Michigan for the 2024 year?

does school district rankings every year using factors such as teacher quality, academics, and diversity just to name a few. They rank the school districts on an A to F scale like you would see in a school system for students and Michigan had 22 school districts receive an A+, giving the top school district plenty of competition. Before we get to the best of the best we’ll go through the top 10.

The Southeast region of the state dominated the top portion of this list but the Southwest made an appearance as well. Here are the top 10 in countdown order:

10. Ann Arbor Public Schools

9. Birmingham Public Schools

8. St Joseph County ISD

7. Van Buren Intermediate School District

6. Oakland Schools

5. Bloomfield Hills Schools

4. Okemos Public Schools.

3. Northville Public Schools

2. Troy School District

And the number 1 school district in the state of Michigan is the Novi Community Schools District. Novi was seen to be the best school district under the scope of the metrics and given a 4.5-star rating, this doesn’t mean that other school districts are bad, just that Novi Community was better.

Here’s a gallery of the best school districts to attend in Michigan:

The Best School Districts To Attend In Michigan

Ever curious if where you’re sending your kids to school is one of the top-rated schools in the state? A third-party group did the research and compiled a list, ranking the best school districts to attend in Michigan, based on things such as the SAT scores, as well as proficiency tests, amongst other things.

These Are The 30 Least Equitable School Districts In Michigan

To find out where school funding is distributed most equitably, WalletHub scored 531 districts in Michigan based on two metrics: average household income and expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools per pupil.

Ranking 531 Michigan School Districts: Spending v Income

Every 1% the district spent above Michigan’s average per student was deducted 1 point from their score and 1 point added for every percentage point over. The lower the score, the more equitable the district.

For Wallethub’s full methodology, scroll to entry 531.

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