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**Henward Receives Prestigious Graduate Faculty Teaching Award**

Allison Henward Receives 2024 Graduate Faculty Teaching Award

In University Park, Pa., Allison Henward, who serves as an associate professor of education in the College of Education, has been honored with the 2024 Graduate Faculty Teaching Award. This prestigious award, established in 1992 by the Penn State Graduate School, acknowledges faculty members for their exceptional teaching performance and guidance of graduate students.

Described by nominators as an outstanding educator, scholar, and mentor, Henward demonstrates an unmatched dedication to educational equity and leaves a significant mark in her field. Her research primarily delves into early childhood education, with a specific focus on ethnography—a comprehensive, culturally-centered method rooted in anthropology. Through ethnography, she highlights the perspectives of children, families, and educators within the realm of education.

Nominators laud her as a remarkable graduate teacher, mentor, and advisor. Many of her students, who are international scholars completing dissertations in languages beyond their native tongues and often far from their home communities, benefit from her supportive approach. By fostering an inclusive environment, Henward empowers a diverse array of students to excel and evolve as scholars.

Her students commend her boundless empathy and dedicated mentorship, emphasizing her pivotal role in their academic journeys. One nominator expressed gratitude for Henward’s unwavering commitment to nurturing academic excellence through personalized attention and steadfast support, enabling students to surmount obstacles and flourish in their research pursuits.

An exceptional quality highlighted by nominators is Henward’s steadfast dedication to student triumph. Beyond her role as an instructor and faculty lead for pivotal courses, she actively involves her students in research endeavors. By engaging in collaborative writing, co-authoring, and providing constructive feedback on their work, she cultivates independent scholars and propels them towards success in research-intensive academic settings.

Henward’s ability to forge personal connections with students instills a profound love for learning and cultivates a drive for expertise in the field. Her goal extends beyond mere comprehension of subject matter; she aims to ignite a passion for exploration and research, inspiring students to delve deeper into their academic pursuits.

One nominator vividly recalls transformative learning experiences facilitated by Henward, where students actively engaged with her research data, immersing themselves in the intricacies of ethnographic research. These sessions transcended conventional teaching methods, fostering intellectual curiosity and encouraging students to embrace new horizons in their academic and research endeavors.