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### Back-to-Back National Champion: Henderson Elementary School Cheer Squad’s Success

HENDERSON, Nev. (KTNV) — In Henderson, a cheer squad from an elementary school is not just setting new standards; they’re exceeding them with remarkable agility.

The Elementary cheer team at Green Valley Christian School is rejoicing in their dual undefeated seasons and consecutive national titles. Consisting of students from 2nd to 5th grade, this team may be small in size, but their enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Amelia, a 4th-grade member of the squad, expressed her pride, stating, “I feel very proud of me and my teammates.”

Coaches Aleisha Curry and Ashley Advent attributed the team’s success to months of unwavering commitment and relentless effort.

“They participated in competitions almost every weekend from January to February leading up to the nationals,” Advent shared.

Reflecting on the team’s perseverance, Curry added, “They don’t quit, they don’t stop. They didn’t stop coming to practice; they didn’t quit in practice even if we’re all tired and hurt and sad and exhausted. They still tried, and that speaks a lot to how they won that national championship.”

Amidst the cheers and occasional tears shed, the long hours invested in training fostered valuable character traits.

Curry highlighted the sacrifices made by the young athletes, stating, “Maybe your friends are hanging out with each other on the weekends and you’re at a cheer competition, but they learn there are things to work for, things that are worth more than others to you, and it’s OK to have different priorities than people.”

Amelia shared her personal growth, saying, “The things I’ve learned is to trust my friends and push myself to do better.”

Advent emphasized the importance of resilience, noting, “There’s practices that don’t go your way, and you have to come back with that positive mindset that we can be better, we’re going to make it better. And that carries throughout your whole life.”

Looking ahead, the cheer squad is setting their sights on clinching a third national title.

“We’ve had two undefeated seasons now, going for a three-peat. We’re ready!” exclaimed Curry.