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**New Health Insurance for Indian Students Studying Overseas by HDFC Life**

has introduced a novel cashless health insurance policy tailored for individuals pursuing education overseas, in response to the rising healthcare expenses in popular student destinations like the USA and Australia. The premium for this policy must be paid in US dollars.

Catering specifically to students aged between 12 and 40 currently studying abroad or planning to do so, the international student health plan offers extensive coverage. Presented by HDFC Life International, operating from its Gift City IFSC unit, this innovative initiative is the first overseas branch of HDFC International Life and Re, a life and health reinsurer headquartered in DIFC, Dubai.

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The policy consists of four options, providing coverage of up to $3 million. It allows flexibility in terms of coverage duration, ranging from three months to one year, to accommodate the varying lengths of international study programs.

A standout feature of this plan is its global coverage, guaranteeing access to top-tier medical facilities worldwide, including a vast network of hospitals, clinics, doctors, and healthcare professionals.

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Rahul Prasad, the Chief Executive of HDFC International Life and Re, highlighted the plan’s benefits, stating, “The policy empowers customers to utilize premium private medical facilities and services without the traditional inconvenience of enduring long appointment wait times.” The coverage spans a wide range of medical requirements, from regular check-ups to unexpected emergencies, encompassing dental services, home medical consultations, alternative medicine, and various other advantages.