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### Increase of Almost 15% in Harvard Griffin GSAS Applications

The [ppp1] has received 25,239 applications for study, indicating a more than 14.5 percent increase compared to the number of applications received a year ago. This growth trend has been consistent over the past five years.

Dean [ppp2], who holds the position of McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History and of the Classics, expressed satisfaction with the diverse interests showcased by this year’s applicants. He emphasized the University’s commitment to a wide array of research fields, spanning from physics and life sciences to history and philosophy. The influx of promising candidates sets the stage for an exciting year ahead at Harvard Griffin GSAS.

Prospective students are reminded to finalize their decisions by April 15 to accept their offers.

The substantial volume of applications comes at a pivotal moment for Harvard Griffin GSAS. Starting in July, a minimum annual living expense stipend of $50,000 will be implemented across all Ph.D. programs, inclusive of additional benefits such as dental and transit subsidies. Furthermore, the duration of tuition coverage and health benefits will be extended to align with the anticipated time required to complete the Ph.D. programs.

These financial enhancements follow Dean [ppp2]’s initiative to assess and improve the graduate school educational environment. In the spring of 2022, a faculty committee was assembled to propose improvements under the banner of GSAS Admissions and Graduate Education (GAGE). The resulting [ppp3] provides a comprehensive roadmap for advancing advising practices, teaching quality, employment prospects, financial sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, and admissions procedures.

Dean [ppp2] expressed widespread approval of these developments, noting their positive impact on current and prospective students. These initiatives are designed to enhance student success and elevate Harvard Griffin GSAS’s competitiveness in attracting top-tier scholars.

The 2024 applicant pool comprises 14,327 international students and 10,912 U.S. citizens and permanent residents. While offers are being extended across the 58 degree programs, Harvard Griffin GSAS Admissions foresees a class size similar to the previous year, with 1,138 Ph.D. admits (including candidates initially placed on the waitlist). Noteworthy areas of interest among applicants include medical sciences, engineering, psychology, chemistry, and population health sciences.

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